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Week two

2 whole pounds is 2 whole pounds, have you ever seen one of those jelly fat red veined things that represent 2 pounds...they are disgusting and massive and dont even fit in to my hand. :) You lost more fat that can fit in to my hands. Well done :D Miss I lost 20lbs in two weeks :D Hahaha.

Celebrate !!! Have some water...treat yourself have some fizzy water!! :D Well done Deejay xxxx
Hi Dee, so was your 1st week 18lbs, I seem to remember you not being to sure, but if it was thats 20lbs in 2 weeks, thats big, it does slow down as you uhdoubtably know but hang in there.
Aw, thanks guys. I'm feeling a bit stupid, I lost the whole euphoria of losing 18lb in week one when I saw only a fraction of that in week two. You've really helped me get perspective, i appreciate it!

I guess I'm just too impatient, I want it all gone now! :D

Dee x


is slowly shrinking
wish i had lost 20 in 2weeks, mine is a lot slower, i still not lost 20 in 6 weeks. so annoying when others lose it quicker, not envious or nothing LOL. no really i am chuft for u lot but just wish mine would shift as quick.

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