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Weekend could be a challenge!!!

I have managed to lose at least 1lb pw so far, dispite going off the plan at the weekends to have alcohol/take-aways etc.

Problem is I am going to my Mum's this weekend and she always feeds me loads - usually lots of pasta or roast dinners with puddings and wine! She also lives by the seaside so I foresee ice-creams etc.

Not sure if I can resist the temptation so I suspect I may end up gaining this week!:(
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in my dreams!!!!!!
my mums the same hun, obviously they want to fatten us up like when we were kids he he. just enjoy it and get straight back on the next day x
Yes a day off now and again doesn't hurt as long as you get right back on it again as soon as you're back. Enjoy yourself x

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All the above advice is so true - you can have a day off! Just get back on it after the weekend. Or try damage limitation - load up on veggies instead of roasties and only have a small ice cream cone if you cant resist. I think most mums are like that. I cant resist my mum's roast potatoes and parsnips....
Yes damage limitation is a good idea! We went out a couple of weeks ago for the day with the kids and I knew we'd be stopping for ice creams, so googled a calorie counter for ice cream and found out what I could have that wouldn't be too bad. Lots for under 150 cals so that'd be good going. I had a whippy cone that is only 140 cals!!!

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Every ounce is bounce
Preparation! I like it! It's a totally alien concept to me!
Ha lol I like to be prepared ;)
Ugh, I was right! There has been sooooo much food, inclkuding 2 ice creams, puddings, copious amounts of wine, butter on my potatoes, cheese....not good!!!

I did make some compromises - only had had reduced fat creme fresh with my strawberries instead of cream,;)

Oh well, I won't be surprised if I don't lose this week but am back on plan from tomorrow.
I had a bad day on Saturday stuck to the plan until I went to a birthday party drank cider and ate crap but back on it tomorrow 100 per cent! We all go over board at some point.

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