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weekend is taunting me


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on day 2 of lipotrim and feeling the hunger though thats not the worst part. I feel like I don't have any support from family and friends:cry: they don't seem to understand why I'm doing the diet and are tempting me with food and asking me to go out drinking:mad:. I know how good I'll feel once I lose weight, I did the diet a few months ago and even after a week noticed the difference in clothes and felt less self concious! the weekend is here and my friends and boyfriend are asking me to go out and making me feel like I'm letting them down by saying no. I feel motivated myself to do this but having no support from anyone makes it so much harder:(
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Its really hard when temptation is being put in front of you. You just have to realise that this is not forever and you will be such a happier person for having lost the weight. Its easy for your friends to say come on out and have one - what harm can it do!!! They are not the ones living inside your body and trying to fit into clothes that you long to fit into.

Be strong - you are doing this for you.

Stick with it - we are all in the same boat - all of us would love to be heading out tonight or opening that bottle that is in the fridge. I have to keep reminding myself that I cant and thats just the way it is right now.

Ps - I am starving and have just cooked pizzas for the hubby and kids. How I would love to be diving into that. Instead I logged on here because there is real, genuine support on this website.

Stick with it - you can do it


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thanks yummymummy I know how you feel too with a bottle of wine in the fridge and my dad asking if I want some pizza!think this is a great site though, having people who understand what your going through makes such a difference!hope you have a successful weekend too! x
You too my dear. I just went in to give the kids a drink and I swear watching them eat pizza is slow torture. I hopped back out to the computer straight away!!!!!

Only plus side of this is i will be a touch typist in no time!!!
aahhh bless you janief thats what it is like here for me to. my hubby doesnt understand and i have only told 2 other people i am on this and they are both happy for me to do it but still say oh if it doesnt work you can try something else and yes the invites are annoying but your get through the hardest time(first week) and you will be flying.
good luck and keep popping in here for suport as its a great help x x x x

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