Weekend off...advice please?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by moggy, 24 April 2009 Social URL.

  1. moggy

    moggy Full Member

    hi everyone,

    Got weighed today and have lost another 9lbs! Thats 1 stone 3 lbs so far in 2 weeks! I am very happy but what I wanted to ask was has anyone had a weekend off from the CD and how did it effect you? I will have been on it for 3 weeks by the end of next week and am going away with my boyfriend for a 3 day break. We have planned loads of fun stuff including eating out 3 times. Once in a noodle bar and the other two times in spanish tapas bars. I asked my counsellor for advice and she told me to try to stick to green veg and fish but it's not realistic. I want to go and have a good time so have decided to have breakfast in the hotel a milkshake for lunch and then eat out at night. Hopefully 3 days won't be a total disaster. Has anyone else done this? Any advice? Did you put on a lot of weight? X
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  3. Lily

    Lily Gold Member

    I'm not going to lie to you, the chances are that, per the scales, you'll 'gain' a lot of weight, maybe as much as 8 pounds. But it won't be real weight, it'll be regained glycogen plus water, which, if you can climb straight back on the CD wagon, you will lose again pretty quickly.

    But... (and it's a BIG but)

    ...climbing back on to the CD wagon is really, really hard to do. I know you think you already know that - and I believe you - but believe me when I tell you that it'll be probably twice as hard as you're expecting it to be. :(

    That's why your CDC has advised that you stick, as far as possible, to the sort of foods you can eat on 810. That way, you'll probably stay in ketosis and won't re-awaken the carb monster.

    Having said all that, I fully understand your reasons for wanting to enjoy a weekend away and no way would I say that you shouldn't. But if nothing else, do your damndest not to eat many carbs. That breakfast you were talking about - eat bacon and eggs by all means but you might want to think twice about even touching the toast. :D

    Have fun - whatever you decide to do.
  4. Dreamer<3

    Dreamer<3 Full Member

    Its not so much putting weight on its feeling hungry and trying to get back on track once you've had a break. Try and eat small meals and avoid carbs as much as possible, could you not have a look through your little yellow book and may be try and follow the 1000-1200 cal for 3 days at least your still incontrol??!?! I think thats what i'd try. Good Luck, let me know how you get on xxxx
  5. moggy

    moggy Full Member

    thanks guys,

    I have 6 weeks when i get back to diet and im sure i will do it as it's for my holiday which is giving me something to focus on. I hear what your saying about the carbs. I guess my body is going to devour anything I put into it so I have to be careful! I am not planning on eating cooked breakfasts (I was thinking more of cereal or continental) having a shake for lunch and just trying to choose wholesome options at the restaurant. I think as long as don't give in to chocolate, crisps, popcorn and all those foods that have no nutritional value I might be ok. Well we will see but at the end of the day life is so short and this weekend will probably be the only chance I get to go away with my boyfriend as we are always working so I am going to enjoy it but I will just try to be careful.
  6. furrysmudge

    furrysmudge Gold Member

    good for you hunnie, have fun! xx
  7. sleepybird

    sleepybird wants a pony

    I had a good couple of weekends off the diet, had great fun and ate whatever i wanted (inc. the inclusive full english breakfasts!) and I think the most i put on was 6 lb which i shifted again in 3 days.
    Each to their own but i never had any problems getting back onto CD afterwards...the weight/glyco gain was always a good inspiration lol!
    Its up to you but i think life is too short and i wanted to have a couple of good weekends away with my very supportive husband and enjoy eating together again x
  8. moggy

    moggy Full Member

    Thanks sleepybird you have just put a big smile on my face. The weekend away was a last minute grab it while you can sort of thing. Not ideal that I am in the middle of the CD but as I said I don't get much opportunities to have weekends away and this will be the last in a long time. It's been slightly tainted by me worrying about what I can and cannot eat but I feel much better after your comments. I looked at the 1000cal plan and then checked all the menus online of the restaurants we are going to and there is no way I can stay in ketosis as if the food isn't fried it's marinated in some sauce. So I am going to enjoy these restaurant meals and get straight back into it. I know I can do it and will let you know what happens Thanks again xxxx
  9. curlywurly1234

    curlywurly1234 Cambridge Consultant

    Enjoy and have a good time x
  10. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    Hi Moggy,
    I think that you are doing the right thing. This diet really is very hard, and is a killer on the social life when in SS.
    I think you have to give it 100% if you can, but if circumstances don't allow that, then there is no point at all in making yourself miserable.
    You can always restart CD when you are in a better place.
    Good luck with whatever you decide, and have aq fabulous break :)

  11. k8te

    k8te Full Member

    Hey hun from my own experience if you are focus and know you are going to go straight back onto ss then do it! I have had my birthday off which was planned day off, i had an unplanned night off :eek:, and i have just got back from my all inclusive holiday in Magaluf, as you can imagine lots of food and drink and take aways at 5 in the morning on the way back to the hotel! I ate fry ups for breakfast, and mainly pasta for lunch & dinner, i was surprise i only put on 2 lb, and as soon as i woke up on Wednesday i was back on ss, no if's or but's! And havent actualy been hungry getting back into ketosis, so any way good luck hun with what you decide and enjoy it x x x
  12. sleepybird

    sleepybird wants a pony

    See, you wont be the only person doing it and i hope you have a fabulous time! Let us know how it went x
  13. moggy

    moggy Full Member

    Thanks to all for helpful comments. Much less stressed now. Will let you know what happens! xxx
  14. x89amandax

    x89amandax Full Member

    good luck you shouldnt not have fun and eat when your on holiday, dont worry about gaining just get back on it you will be fine :):)
  15. exp107

    exp107 Silver Member

    I had 5 days off the diet and ate sensibly when we went to Paris at the beginning of the month, then the day I got home my CDC went on holiday so I didn't see her for another week, 16 days between WI's and 5 days off and still lost 8lb :D
  16. gadgetqueen

    gadgetqueen Member

    I have just come back from a 5 day break. It had been planned for ages and we were away with friends. I had hoped to keep to the maintance plan of 1000 kals. Unfortunately I left my bars and shakes on the side at home:(, I also didn't want to spoil the holiday for everyone else by obsessing over food and what I could/couldn't eat. I had planned to be further up the maintance plan before I went away but it took me a couple of extra weeks to get to target.
    I ate chocolate:cry:, but tried to eat as healthy as possible with my main meals, but unless you prepare your food yourself then it is so difficult to gage amounts and ingrediants. I am now back on 1000 kal, however I am not weighing myself until tomorrow to see what damage I have done:sigh:. If I have gained too much then I will SS again. However as you have to eat an extra 2000 odd kals to gain a pound (which I definately did not do) I am hoping that any weigh gain will be temporary. I am just determined to make sure from now on that I go up the plans properly.
    In fact once I reach 1500 kals I would be quite happy to stay on that indefinately.

    Wish me luck tomorrow:(
  17. moggy

    moggy Full Member

    good luck! I am sure that it will be ok. Life really is too short and although losing weight is what we are all aiming for and it is important there is no point taking all the fun out of a well deserved holiday. It's done now and whatever you have put on you will loose again and more. x

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