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Weekend Pigout

It was my son's 6th birthday on Saturday; we went out for the day and I had a slice of chocolate cake for lunch. That evening we'd promised him Dominos for dinner as a treat and I scoffed a huge 'Meltdown The Revenge' (very hot BTW). Ok, I could have recovered from that one but yesterday it was like someone had taken the brakes off. The day started well enough with my usual museli with yogurt but then there was a slice of pizza left which I had to tide me over, as it'd be ages until lunch. It was his party on Sunday and I of course helped myself to bits of party food, chocolate bites etc. There was a load of party food left and that went home with us. Stopped in at his Grandma's house and had a slice of birthday cake, and a fairy cake or two while we watched the football and played in the garden. Then chicken dippers and pizza. And before I went to bed I ate the contents of a couple of party bags that were left over from a couple of no-shows.

I felt physically sick when I went to bed, I'm obviously not used to eating that volume or type of food any more...

Roll on a new week...
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Hey Jim

I've drawn a line for you.

Have a fabulous week.

Heh, thanks ladies! On reflection I think the fact I haven't gone on a calorie bender since Christmas isn't bad going. If it is only every five months I could probably cope with that once I've got to goal anyway. After all, what do 'normal' people do? They're not 'good' 365 days a year are they!


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Hi jim

I was the same since tuesday as son was 7 and then birthday party on wednesday and eating out on thursday and finally stopped last night before bed, so we both need good lines and start afresh again, good luck and you have done brill well done xxx


plodding away
One blow out not so bad - I had a tad of a blow out yesterday (my birthday) but getting back on track today.

Like you say 'normal' living is sometimes eating too much, as long as we get back to tracking all will be well
Hi Jim i went to a wedding on saturday and ate allsorts yesterday fruit cake trifle burgers soooo i have drawn 2 lines one for you and one for me




I ♥ CD !!
just think ''finished done and dusted ''
starting again today good luck :)

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