Weekend Strategies

Cake'n'eat it

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I don't know about you guys but weekends for me are my most difficult. So here's my stratgies for getting through:
  • Sat - Walk into town and get the March Lighter life Mag ( 2.5 miles), Its got stuff on Carb addiction which I think will be good
  • Drink 4 litres a day
  • Tidy our bedroom
  • Come update minimins if I am feeling low / desparate / happy / sad. It really helps to get support and get stuff of my chest. I'm sure I think far too much.
  • Sun - Do my Latin Excercise DVD
  • Make sure I eat all my packs
  • If I get a burning urge to eat - drink a mug of boullion and take the dog for a walk around the block.
  • Promise my self I will not eat in front of the TV and that If I do eat I will sit down at the table with a knife and fork - I am sure this will do a lot of damage limitation.
  • Tell Andy ( long-suffering Hubby) under no circumstances is he to buy any wine.
  • Be nice to my hubby and children and enjoy the blessings I have.
Well here goes. All the best to you weekend strugglers if you've got any strategies to share I would love to hear them.
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Hi Cake

Weekends are my worst times too.... especially Sundays!!! I think of food the WHOLE day long - but then all i do every week is slob out on the sofa all day so maybe i should try to plan in some distractions!!

I'm working tomorrow though so that should help - i'm running a training course on Monday so i'm prep'ing up on the course materials! May also make an effort to visit parents and sisters...

Great thread!