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weekend struggler


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I always struggle at the weekend. only rejoined last wednesday and due for first weigh in this coming week. always do well through the week and then drink to much and eat too much at the weekend. I stuck to a chicken chow mein last night though and slimming world online says its around 9 syns so that isn't too bad. probs drank around 40 syns though. I am just going to be really good for the rest iof the week cause I hardly have syns on weekdays. Oh, I did my 5k run for life today too and I managed to jog all the way without stopping! did it in 32 mins so hopefully that may counterbalance some of my naughtiness!:)
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LOL thats exactly how i feel as well! Im good as gold all week then when I relax I get carried away with a few extra syns here or there...well I feel terrible right now so cant wait for monday normality to come back! Ive probably put on a few pounds this time cos my tummy feels huge :( Oh well, its not the end of the world and I will get back on plan.

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yep weekends are the killers for me too. i dont drink but find while everyone else has there hands full with a pint glass etc i seem to have mine full with some naughty food.

my advice- and this is only 'My' advice & may just be rubbish but...- if you are going to drink, Dont drink wine, only drink white spirits with diet mizers i.e. vodka and diet redbull, you will find the diet vodka gets the alcohol into your system quicker so you dont need to drink as much to get drunk, drink through a straw the extra oxigen you intake also speeds up your getting drunkness. resist the urge for having that pizza or kabab on the way home by making your last drink a pint of water, you are not actually hungry, your body is just dehydrated from all the alcohol and this makes your brain think your hungry.

enjoy yourself but always remember what your goal onthis SW plan is, do you really want to put your weight target back by 2 weeks just for that one drink more?


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im the same, weekends are total killers for me. atm im on antibiotics and the doctor has warned me the ones im on if i drink it will make me seriously ill so not going to try it. we usually have friends over on a sat night but didnt this week and i feel so much better not getting drunk at the weekend. we all need to treat ourselves every now and if alcohol is your vice (its mine) i try to limit it to once a week only, and thats a sat night, i used to drink every night without exception but thats why i needed to loose weight so now i dont, everything in moderation i suppose


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That's why I love Wednesday WI, there's enough time to rectify the weekends bads. If you are good throughout the week I don't see why it would be a problem to blow out at the weekend


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My weekend spilled from Thursday into Monday this week and I DO feel the results so I am not going to be doing the same again :(

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