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Hello to everyone, hope you all had a lovely weekend and continuing to have a good one.

Mine could have been better, I woke up yesterday morning, got out of bed, stood up too quickly next thing I knew I was on the floor with blood on my hands and my boyfriend asking me if I was ok. Turned out that I bashed my head on the wall when I fell, had to go to hospital and get 6 stitches. My head is sore, Im unable to concentrate and Ive so much to do for work tomorrow its horrid!

To top it all off, I had a fight with my boyfriend today which has left a sour atmosphere. To put it all in a nutshell, Ive been suffering from migraines since I was 17 which progressviely got worse this year when my weight increased and my fitness decreased. I went to the doc and she put me on betablockers which ultimately slowed my heart down but helps prevent migraines. Anyway today my BF wanted to go out and I said that I wasnt up to it and that the doc suggested to rest for 48hours just in case. Anyway that turned into a huge argument with him saying that Im never in the mood to go out and do anything that I just want to sit and veg.

He just doesnt seem to get it that when I suffered with the migraines I couldnt do anything, I went and sought help which resulted in not getting migraines as frequent but it slowed my whole system down that I find it difficult to get up and walk for a length of time. I just feel that Im doing all this to get a better life and Im just not winning
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men eh?? sorry your weekend hasnt been better hope your head is ok
and well done on your losses so far you have done really well x
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Ah Lumpy, how are you feeling now?

Men! Don't you just love them!!!!!

Mine says he is so supportive and how well I'm doing then asks when we can go out for a meal with friends!!!!! Doh!

You concentrate on getting well again then when you have more energy you can sort him out!



Says it as it is!!!
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what a twat!!!!!! God, i am soooo glad i am single.... think i would have punched him!!!!!
get an early night hun and completely ignore the badger!!!!!!!
Hope you feel better soon!

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