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My husband = My hero
Morning my loves!!

not really aroundmuch at the weekends as wifey is home from the Army, and we have "quality time" haha

but.... Went to the Trafford Centre together this weekend for some birthday shopping, and went into REPUBLIK for peter, he was buyin all sorts as usual, and i wouldnt dare even look normally cos im a fatty haha

but.. he made me have a look, and i found smoe really nice Bench hoodies an tshirts jeans and like trackie pants (but nice ha) that i liked... in a Large, and in a 14...

he made me try both on, i was almost cryin cos i didnt want to cos i would be gutted cos i knew they wouldnt fit... wifey wa adamant so to save an argument i went in! THEY FIT!!!!! wooooohoooo

So peter bought me them cos i was sooo happy :D £60 later he wasnt mind haha

but yeh, i had an amazing weekend and bought all sorts of clothes from alllll different shops, an was askin for smaller sizes insted of bigger ones cos they didn fit! made up!!

Had a reallly hard time this weekend thgouh even though i have had a fab time, so nearly ate last night, but wifey didnt let me, and feel fab again today!!

Everyone else have a good weekend?? what did u all get up to??

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My husband = My hero
Oh yeah.. and iw ent out Friday night, didnt drink and had a fab night, will put piccies up cos lookin rather slender even if i say so myself!!

had a dress on that last week wouldnt zip up, and this week fit lovely :D



Slowly but surely!
Hi Hun, glad you had a good weekend, I spent my last weekend eating not eating as poorly :( but still geared up for my start today :)


My husband = My hero
Well done on getting back on it hun, sorry u felt crappy!!

best of luck today and hope u feel better xx


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:banana dancer:

Thats fantastic chick!!! Well done you for braving up and trying them on - bet you are sooo glad you did now!!! :)
Looking forward to your next shopping trip?!! lol
Well done honey xxxx


My husband = My hero
Thanks so much babe!!

yer am over the moon, shoud see the smile on my face ha, its not going ever ever haha

did u have a nice weekend??


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haha smiling is good!!!! :) lol

Ah my weekend was pretty boring!
Worked saturday morning 6.15-11.15, came home and made pasties!!!! (love cooking! lol) and then sunday i worked at my other job - which i only do once a month - as a chambermaid and i tell ya what i was completly pooped - i felt like i had nooo engergy!!!!!! Fell asleep half way through kevin and perry last night and slept right till 9:30!!! ahaha!! so yeah, boring!!!! lol But mind you i dont mind it being boring at the minute cuz when i am slim the fun starts! bring on the summer!! lol


Pensively Posting
great weekend for you then! fantastic news about the clothes.. well done!!
weekend was good.. all new on my thread but took up cycling, going in and out to work now and met a lovely lady! also still running for our race! ;) x


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
ooooohhh you met a lovely lady hey!!! ;)


I will be skinny again!!!
Well done chick!!!! thats brilliant!!!!


My husband = My hero
oooh ey! Good weekends all round then!!!

Witwooo Olliebobs!!


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