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not sure about the weight loss as haven't done SS+, but if its going to stop you caving in, its got to be better hasn't it? I cant imagine 2 days of ss+ will make any difference.

Good luck!
Cheers Nova

Im just trying to plan before I get to the weekend and un-do all my hard work!!! I don't know why but weekends seem to be so difficult for me, it has to be purely psychological!!!



Mad as a Hatter

I am exactly the same - I restarted CD last Wednesday and til well until the weekend when I ate and drank everything in sight... I restarted again on Monday and feel really positive about it all but then as you say, the weekend looms and I'm back to square 1
I am hoping to be in Ketosis this weekend so it won't bother me when I go to my DS1's birthday party and see all the lovely food laid out....

Fingers crossed on that one eh ?

Hi Jules75,

Im on the SS+, this is my first week !! Don't think I would have managed on SS...I know weekends are the hardest, we always USE to end up getting a takeway and a bottle of wine. The food on the CD is so bland, sometimes I think I am better off doing the SS !!

When is your WI, maybe speak to your CDC and see what they advise you to do?


Mad as a Hatter
I can only comment on what my CDC has told me.. and I am still in my first week..
She said, "just give it 100% for 7 days, it's 7 days out of your life, you will get into ketosis and it will get easier"
This is the first weekend approaching that I have been 100% all week and I'll be damned if I am going to ruin 4/5 days of 100% for a binge at the weekend.

And from what I have heard about SS+ food, I don't think I will bother...

I can't imagine my family wanting to eat what is allowed on SS+ so I'm not going to even try..
I have 4 cd packs plus 200ml skimmed milk each day on ss+, I really think it has helped me stick to the plan- in week 10 am 3st5 down.
I have to be on ss+ due to my height,however I really am sure it would have been really hard on just 3 a day- I really admire all ss cders, they are made of very strong stuff!
Hi guys, my weigh in is 2moro and im guna see what my c.d counsellor says with regards to moving up the plans just for the weekend, im secretly thinking it isn't a good move as re-introducing food at this early stage might knock me off track, but then again what happens if i deny myself and end up binging? id rather have a plan.

Madferret, thank you so much for your motivation speech..it has really encouraged me to keep going. Its also my first week, day 5 today...feeling like I could just raid my fridge !!!! Its hard making meals for the rest of the family, but I get my "fat photo" album out, and having a look thru it gets me into the right frame of mind. The food on SS+ is not all that...the shakes taste better !!!

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