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Taking it Day by Day
I turned into a green eyed monster again this weekend. I just find them sooooo hard to cope with. I am generally fine during the week, but really really miss food on the weekends. I see my family eat all day, at home, while we're out etc, and normally by the afternoon am in such a bad mood that I just snap at people. It seems to get worse every subsequent weekend and I almost gave in at one point, don't really know what kept me from doing it,also I am sure that I am actually hungry (tummy rumbling), which I was told is something we shouldn't really be on this diet:confused::confused:

Now I am determined to see this diet through, but short of locking myself into my room all weekend, don't know how to deal with the coming weeks.
I wonder whether anyone else is struggling particularly on weekends like me and how do you cope?
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I used to fly through the weeks and then hate the weekends, I looked forward to going back to work to get away from being at home where food was always available. I missed my sunday roasts, I missed by saturday take aways etc etc BUT this isn't forever. This is just while you trim down and then you can go back to having food again but this time you are in control of the situation.

Just focus on the finish line and don't let anything stand in your way!

And a rumbly tummy doesn't mean you are hungry, it is just your big tummy squishing all the water about and will get better as your stomach shrinks.

You are doing soooo well so hang in there and you'll soon be at goal weight.



Taking it Day by Day
thanks icemoose
Yes, you're right, I have to focus on the end result,and boy will I feel great then!!. It's just that my chatterbox is working overtime at the weekends. I will just have to get better at ignoring it. Now as for the tummy rumbling, it's definitely not the water in it, but maybe it is more the feeling of the emotional hunger, combined with stress and tiredness which triggers old habits?? (Just guessing here) but the hunger does feel quite real at times.

There is just so much to learn and I feel that I am still only at the beginnign of this journey. Just feel like being a bit unfair on my family by constantly being in a bad mood over the weekends.
I know what you mean about the weekends. I used to love Friday nights when we would make our own seafood pizza. We'd have it with oven chips (my favourite!), coleslaw and salad and wash it all down with a really nice red wine!!

It would mark the end of another week at work (I hate my job!!!) and the beginning of the weekend.

Now I have "re-framed" my weekend experience and while the family go ahead with the pizza-fest without me, I have a mushroom soup and a bar that I have chilled in the freezer.

On Saturday I go to bookshops and clothes shops and try on all the clothes I can wear since starting LL.

I have also discovered the joy of really good Italian coffee. Cafe Nero is a favourite of mine and I can easily nip in there twice a day on weekends - (just as well they do a loyalty card system). I have a black Americano and a bottle of chilled sparkling water and I love it while just enjoying the fact that I no longer look like a 'fat bird'.

When I get to target (about another 4 weeks at most, I should think - depending on how bad the damage from my couple of pack-free days recently) I will enjoy pizza again but I will ensure that the following day, I reduce my calorie input accordingly.

LL is not forever - it is a tool that we have chosen to utilise so that we can get to where we want to go. The food will be there when we finish and we be able to enjoy it again - but in moderation!!

Chin(s) up old thing - go have a coffee! :D
Hi Julia,
I know what you mean about weekends. For the first month I dreaded them. Couldn't see the point of them without food and wine. BUT now I have learn to replace those indulgencies with other pleasures. Like FP, I love clothes shopping at the moment and I have learnt to enjoy an expresso and fizzy water whilst hubby tucks into a greasy pannini of some sort. When the sun is shining and we are sitting outside I can almost convince myself I am a skinny French sophisticate :cool:
hi,i know exactly what your talking about ive just come back off holiday and my eating habits dont seemed to have changed thats whats frightening me.Im so moody at weekends aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggghhhhxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Juliakno
I also know exactly how you feel. As the weeks go by (I'm in week 9), it's Friday evening and Saturday all day that are the worst. This last Saturday I was pacing the house because I felt so deprived/tempted/hungry (pick one or all)...and then on Sunday I was absolutely fine with no chatterbox and totally "in the zone". Weird! Didn't succumb but its getting harder and harder. All we can do is hang in there and use all the distraction tactics available.
We'll get through it. :sigh:
What intrigues me are all the slim people I regularly see tucking into fish and chips and large cheese and onion baguettes and ice creams and mars bars - how do they do it?

Could it be that they haven't eaten for a week beforehand and plan not to eat again for a week afterwards?

Whenever I have had fish and chips or a baguette I couldn't afford to eat again for the rest of the day and into the next or else I will find myself carrying the whole lot around my middle regions!

And the very fact that I am on LL tells you all that my self control has been sorely lacking for a couple of years now - (thought I'd better get that in before some other smart a***!!)

It's not fair!!!! :sigh:


Taking it Day by Day
Thanks everyone for your replies! It's just good to know that it's not just me going berserk on the weekends!!! I will have to somehow work out a strategy to stop feeling so miserable/deprieved. maybe I will have to go back to not sit with my family when they eat, as that seems to push me over the edge (how dare they eat in front of me...) I would like to have some more time to myself at weekends to do all the shopping and drinking of coffee, but our weekends are generally very hectic, and also I feel it's the only time we really have as a family, I suppose I have to try and square the circle somehow and keep everyone happy:crazy::crazy:


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The weekends were really hard for the first few weeks because I couldn't work out what I wanted to do with myself - but now I enjoy the freedom - my WI is on a Sunday evening so I always feel very motivated these days - in fact I usually don't have any foodpacks until 7ish on a Sunday.

I do get very grumpy when I go to my favourite old eating haunts at the weekends though - so I've had to learn to find things to occupy myself with that don't involve food. I find switching off Saturday Kitchen helps!
Yep, the weekends were a killer for me and do not get me started on how many bank holidays we have to endure in any one summer...grrrrr...

But they DO get easier. One of the things that seems to happen naturally is that the longer you go, the lighter you become (of course) and then suddenly the weekends become different. I pretty much enjoy everything more than I used to. Clothes shopping at the weekend? I'd forgotton that it was such a fantastic thing to do!

The deprived thing will go - it really will. For me it was when I finally realised that I felt *better* as a result of what I was doing. When you get the moment around that feeling of what you are gaining as oppose to missing out on, it will feel great :D

I spent last Saturday lazing around in Hyde Park with my friends looking at my little
thighs a lot and feeling wonderful (thigh update: 22inches, surely not long to go before they are the 'perfect thigh size' - as per the perfect thigh size thread - of 19inches?!:D)

Keep busy Julia and they will fly by - promise :D
At the moment I'm struggling full stop but just trying to grit my teeth and remember its temporary....it will be worth it and when faced with food (esp BBQ, pizza & bizarrlely tuna steaks!) try to think about what it would do to me if I ate like I did plus also try to focus on what a size 12 will feel like and treat myself - even if its just doing a face pack or phoning a friend at the weekend...Big hugs for you.
Its not the whole weekend i find difficult its Friday evening, that's the day we would have a takeaway :eat:and unwind with a bottle of wine,my partner still has his takeaway but i cant be in the house at the same time. I have tried and sat with him sipping my soup as he is tucking in to far to much chinese:gimi: (he always orders to much) so now I go down the stables and either ride my horse or just spend time with her then he rings to say he's finished and I go home, He's very good because there isn't any left he just throws away what he doesnt eat into the dustbin and clears everything away even the smells gone
how does he do that LOL

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