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becoming a happier, healthier me
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I find it so hard to stay on plan at weekends. Especially when we usually go out at least once a weekend for drinks.
I have no set routine like i would during the week at work and temptation seems to be everywhere. I work so hard during the week to stay on plan so it seems such a shame to sabotage all my good work in two days.

Does anyone have any tips for staying on track at weekends?
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A determined Bear
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Do you use your syns daily? If you're really struggling with weekends, perhaps try weekly syns and save them up for when you go out.

If you struggle with limiting drinks, decide on X amount of drinks, then take that number of 1p or 2p coins, ( or something small) and keep them in one pocket. Everytime you have a drink, transfer a coin from one pocket to the other side to keep track.

And, dare I say it...what day is weigh in? Perhaps if you really can't limit yourself at the weekend, change weigh day to a Saturday or Friday? Then you have a little longer to do some damage limitation- Personally I would try and find ways around weekend issues, but if it really is a problem, changing weigh day might ease the pressure off you so you can enjoy yourself :)


becoming a happier, healthier me
S: 11st10lb C: 11st10lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks for your advice Clairebear :)

I weigh in on Mondays and it's not really flexible so will have to limit damage at the weekend. I do try and save my syns throughout the week though.

As for the pennies idea, what a great idea! Thanks :)
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When I did slimming world around 10 years ago I went out every saturday night but never had any syns on the Friday or the Sunday and would limit myself to 5 drinks (spirt with diet coke) on the Saturday. After regaining all my weight due to having a baby last year I hardly go out anymore but went out last night and did the same - no syns Friday or I won't have any today, and last night had 6 spirts with diet coke - about 24 syns but could be less as they were all 25ml measures!

I love the penny idea too - good luck and enjoy your nights out :)

Anna xx


Always trying!
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I switched my WI day to a Saturday morning which makes weekends so much easier for me, before I know it it's Monday and then I only have 5 days left until I hop on the scales. The weeks fly by and I find it much easier to stay in control of my syns x

kerry b

Silver Member
I used to weigh in on a sunday and had exactly same problem as you. I changed my WI to a Saturday and from daily to weekly syns and it helped a lot. If I ended up having 50 or 60 syns on a night out I just adjusted it for the rest of the week and had a whole week to make up for it. You should maybe give it a try:)


resident foodaholic
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Fab idea with the pennies :)

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