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How does everybody use their Weeklies?

It's my third day today and im on 29 daily points but I've been going over by about 5 each day so it uses some of my weeklies coz I don't want to save them up for the end of the week and use 49 all in one go.. I don't drink either so I can't use them for that ..

Am I ok doing that? I just want to make sure I'm doin it right.. Xx
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you can use them anyway you want..alot save them for the weekend for a meal out or drinks or use some of them each day. I dont always use mine but if i do its normally for a chocolate bar, this week i am using them for a meal tomorrow.
You could split them and have an extra 7 points each day.


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I usually save them for a meal or night out, and only use what i have to but this week i didn't have anything planned so have been having a few extra each day...feel really guilty as having treats every day! will have to see if i get the same loss as when i scoff them all in one go!
Each person is different, but yes, use them however you like!


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I had over yesterday, and may have over today - however, im gonna have something like a chinese or a mcdonalds tomorrow! :D LOL x I want to make sure that im using mine (2nd day in) as if I struggle to lose weight its the only thing i can "drop" x


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I use a few of mine each day to top up my dailies. I also use them for a bit of chocolate when I feel like it. I'm out for dinner and drinks next week so will be holding back so I can relax a bit then.


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You can eat them whatever way you please... the only thing I would say is try to eat the majority of them before the last 48 hours of your week as the extra food can weigh you down til it "passes". A few points extra will make no difference... just don't go out and eat a big fry up or chippy the night before the wi :p


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Usually save most of mine for wi day then I treat myself after wi.:)
Next weekend I shall be at IOW Festival so will be using weeklies on cider!!:D:D:D

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I try to use them all in the first 3 days by Saturday night and if any are left over I use them after weigh-i on Wednesday night! If I'm going out somewhere then I use them for that and don't touch them during the week. :)


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I do the same - WI on a friday (when a new week starts) so I tend to use the majority of my weeklies Friday (usually have 26 dailies leftanyway!)/saturday/sunday then maybe have an extra 2-4 each day up until thursday. I rarely use them in big quantities on weds/thursday as I know it'll affect me on the scales.


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I tend to spread mine through the week to top up my dailies, as i find to eat 3 decent meals and a few snacks, if you aren't a complete fruit bat, you struggle not to go hungry if you don't use a few. I don't have the willpower to save all mine up, and like you i don't drink, but i don't want to waste them so i find i spread them out through the week and never feel like i'm going without. I also feel naughty and like i'm not on a diet most days!!

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