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Weekly or daily use of syns?

Weekly, but failed this week topping out at 240!!
I try to eat at least 5 per day and then have something a little bit extra on a Saturday night like wine, bit extra mayo with dinner and so on. Im on 2 syns per day this week as i'm just back from 2 weeks off plan for Christmas and New Year so wanted a wee boost. Will see if it works :) xx
I aim for around 10 syns a day. :) x
never tried doing syns weekly. I would use them all in one day!!
I think if I started the week knowing I could use 105 I would use them far too quickly, then run out and feel deprived the rest of the week.

Using them daily means I am quite disciplined about it all, and as some days are a bit under I don't worry too much if I have the odd day where it might fall slightly over.

As has already been said though, I don't go out drinking, so perhaps this is easier for me.
Same as sparky, I like mine daily but don't drink alcohol so have no reason to save them really.
I don't drink alcohol but I still use mine weekly. I use most of them on Saturday and Sunday and for a lunch out in the week.
I syn daily but i dont deprive myself if i do go over one day I just pull it back over the next few days or flexi syn it, that said I always try to stick to 15 or below


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In my head i work to 10 per day, but if i have only say 7 one day i'll use the 'spare' 3 on another day. So by the end of the week i have had 70,
I then dont syn my blob of tomato ketchup or mango chutney etc, i am disciplined to not pile on loads if extras, so by the end of the week i am still within 105.
works for me :)
I used to use my syns daily but I like to have a drink at the weekend so have now started to use them weekly. I generally stick around 10 a day during the wek but have extra over the weekend. I'm still losing around a lb a week which I'm happy with.

I do the same, i know i have 105 but some days i'll have 6 then others 20, just do it as i go along!

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Daily! Would scare me to think I had 105!

Can someone explain flexisyns? x
I tend to go for between 5 & 10 syns a day and have a few extra at the weekend.


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