weetabix and ss'ing


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does anyone have any idea what would happen if i chose to have 2 weetabix,with canderal and skimmed milk, a day along with my 3 shakes?
I've been trying to get back into ss'ing for over 4 weeks now and i just cant do it. I lost almost 2 stone with ss and now a stone is back on and i just cant get back into the swing of the diet.
I thought perhaps if i could choose to eat 2 weetabix a day it would be something for me to turn to when i start to cave in, my danger time is early evening, i go all day ss'ing really well, lots of water, then around 7-8pm i start to cave in and undo all the good i've done. am so peed off with myself x
Sounds like not SS ing but doing 790 might help then?
Would have thought weetabix are too carby- and a psychological craving.
If you were on 790 you'd have a meal at that danger time of 7-8pm.
I would say definitely not weetabix, as they would shoot your chances of ever being in Ketosis, and for me it is Ketosis that gives me the high, the lack of hunger, the energy to not falter. 790 sounds like a better option, where you have some chicken or something...at least you'd be in ketosis. Otherwise you may as well be on a very low point weight watchers style diet, which would be a lot cheaper...
I would agree that maybe 790 would be better for you if you cave at 7-8pm. Some chicken and salad would be enough to satisfy the emotional hunger and a pint of water afterwards would fill you up.

Weetabix and SS really don't mix but as Sally says they would be good on Weight Watchers or Slimming World.

If you really can't get back into ss then I would give yourself a break, try 790 for a week or two then gradually go back to ss. Your glycogen stores won't be so full and hopefully that will help you keep on track.

Is there something else you could do at your danger time to help you stop thinking about food. Maybe take a bath, read a good book or long onto the web and read some good success stories.

Good luck
7-8pm is also my danger zone
i save a cd bar for that time and have it in small pieces
it feels like a treat
have you tried that?