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Weigh days


resident foodaholic


resident foodaholic
me three ;)
Haha, me four! I hardly eat a thing... glad I'm not the only one.
I was told it doesnt make any difference, but then my friend said 'well it would if you ate 1lb of spuds!' :)


Operation Hottie Kidnap
Me five!

Weigh in day today and I'm sat at work starving... could so just pick up my calculator and start munching!! It's the same every Wednesday!

I finish work at 4.30pm and get home around 5.10ish but our class isn't until 6.30pm, which is a real pain as I get home and there's not really enough time to do anything much, but too much time to just get changed and head out to get weighed! We always turn up about 20 minutes early in the hope that she'll start weighing people early, so we can get weighed and get home for some grub (dont' stay for class, just go for weigh in these days)!
My class is at 7.30pm so it really drags, I don't eat my tea till I get back so its about 9pm by that time and I'm starving, I try to make sure I have something ready to eat as soon as i get back as otherwise I would just eat junk I'm that hungry.
Ditto haha! Too scared to eat a big meal incase it shows on the scale ahhh

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Yep, I am sat here waiting to get weighed to - I stay to class so have packed 2 alpen lights and a bottle of squash. I never eat or drink after around 1pm on weigh in wednesday. Hoping to get my stone award tonight.... half hour until I find out!!

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