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Weigh in 21!


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Size 14 here i come!
Hey Jon WOW that is amazing. How you feeling about re-feed done any more research? You will be fine don't worry, enjoy it, you deserve it! You need to start reminding yourself food isn't/wasn't the problem it was how you looked at it! Don't see it as the enemy, you may end up with other food issues.
Good luck for the last week Jon, have 2 glasses, treat yourself, lol


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Wow Jon, well done! Enjoy that bubbly, before too long it will be the real thing!!


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well done Jon good luck with the re feed and i wish you all the best:)


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Thanks everyone - not just for these message but for all the help and support I've had - I really couldn't have done it without you. (Sounds like I've finished - I haven't!! Got another 10lbs or so to go)
Stinky - you're so right about how I look at food. I have seen it as the enemy and blamed it for getting my BMI to nearly 40, but I think I am slowly realising that it is my attitude that was wrong - not the food itself. I'm doing as much reading and surfing as I can to prepare for what is to come.

Jenny!!!! Great to hear from you. Haven't seen anything of you for ages and ages. Hope you're OK - how's the maintenance going?

Thanks again everyone. Group Hug!! :grouphugg:



I just wanted to say congratulations! It must feel absolutely amazing to be so close to your goal! Good luck with the last 10lb! And with the refeed!


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thx jon, my head has been in a strange place but im finally getting it together. maintenance not going great as had a lot going on thats made me eat the wrong things. think ive gained about 10lbs so not sure if im gona go back on LT for a few weeks or just eat better. deciding 2night though. lol.

hope ur extremely proud of urself hun, 6stone is a brill loss. u look like a totally different person. almost at goal 2. woohoo.

chat soon,

love jen

x x


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Well done sweetie :) enjoy your last week on tfr :giggle:


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You are fab!! From all your posts I can see how focused you are, you will have no problem with refeed or maintenance I just know it! Maybe they should make an advert for lipotrim using you! We're all using you for inspiration so you should get paid for it!



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Well done, you are such an inspiration! :)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Jon, I am so so happy for you. You have been so focussed and determined from the beginning. You have also done so much thinking about food and your attitude to it that I am confident that you will maintain well. I hope you will do a refeed diary as the guys need a little encouragement. I reckon that many do LT but don't like posting too much. So give them a poster boy as you are surely a fab example of the great results that can be had in a few short months. Will be keeping tabs on you on the refeed section. Moll


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wow! well done jon, thats so fab 6 whole stones gone forever, you should be so proud of yourself. we all are x


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yippeee..what a great loss Jon,,,you must be absolutely delighted and you deserve a glass of bubly :)!!!!!!!!!! ENJOY!

Enjoy your last week of shakes...you will miss them at the beginning!!

Look forward to hearing how your last weigh goes and how you do on refeed.

You have done incredibly well and you have used this time so wisely as well, which definitely helps!

Have a great week.