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I know we all like to think that the scales lie, but I lost all faith in the weigh in scales at my local meeting and have since weighed in at home and do it online. Every week in the line I'd see women avoiding certain scales as they say they never lose if they go on a particular set of scales. One week I was 100% sure I'd lost, I'd be sick for two days and had only just started to manage to eat really light food. My turn came to weigh and I got on the set that everyone avoided and I'd only lost a lb, so I said ' no that can't be right let me try those scales' just as I jumped on the leader shouted at me that I'd only paid to be weighed once and to get off, I was the last in the line so wasn't holding anyone up so I stood my ground and these scales said i'd lost 3.5lb!!!!! I questioned the reliability of the weigh ins and she said scales do vary which I accept, but surely we had all been getting on different scales each week and not getting consistent results! I now use my digital scales at home and put them in exactly the same place each time. Really miss the meetings thou but find this app and all you lovely weight watchers all the support I need now :) x
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Do you know what, I wonder about this too. I trust their scales to be correct but I honestly wonder if there are likely to be differences in them.....hmmm. My scales at home today said I had lost 3lbs before class from last week before class yet at class I lost 0.5lb!!!! I'm not just looking for excuses, but seriously scratching my head at how I haven't lost more!!


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why did they have 2 sets of scales at wi??
my scales at home say i'm 2lbs heavier than ww and this is for every wi,,but this week my scales and ww scales matched and i wasn't expecting a loss but instead lost 2lbs:) i really need to go to the meetings.she says the same thing week in week out but i need to sit there and listen lol


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They have three sets of scales!!! It's quite a big meeting so I guess it's so they get through people quicker but I just cant see how the results can be reliable from week to week!


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i think you need to get in touch with ww and tell them, when i helped at ameeting the scales i weighed people on were 1/2lb less than the ones the leader used and she said that most of the scales were never the same but they are ment to be checked a tested on a regular basis


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Id say 3 sets of scales are totally unacceptable unless she has them marked in some way so youre getting weighed on the same ones every week. How on earth can you get an accurate reading when youre using so many different ones. Thats nonsense. Maybe she should cut down on her class numbers and give people the service theyre paying for.

Id defiinitely complain to WW


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Every WW meeting I've ever gone to have 2 sets of scales. At the meeting I used to help out at, the scales looked slightly different and a few people would only use either one or the other after trying both and finding a slight difference. They didn't get shouted at for trying though.

Apparently each set of WW scales cost a small fortune, so you'd think they'd be more in tune than your average bathroom scales from Wilkos lol.


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the weight watchers scales are normally checked every year at leaders' summer meeting as far as my leader told me. It's a compulsory meeting for all leaders so your leader must attend.

Now, she shouldn't have shouted at you that you have paid to be weighted only once! You have the right to double check if you want, because if the scales you're on is not level it can give a wrong reading. WW scales are very expensive but they must be perfectly level or they can be very wrong. Besides, they only show 0.5 differences. If you have lost 0.4lbs it will show that you've stayed the same. If you've lost 0.9lbs it will show 0.5. This is when it works properly. I know because my bathroom scales is very precise and I weight myself before going to my meeting. When I have lost 0.9 at my scales it always shows 0.5 at meeting... by the following week, if I have lost more or not at all, most of the time they're in line again (fr example if I have lost at my scales only 0.25 lbs it would show on the ww scales as another 0.5 loss which would bring the two scales in line if it makes sense).