"Weigh-in" question


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I have noticed a few of you have mentioned about having your weigh-ins. I switched from LL to CD last week and when I went for my first CDC meet I was suprised to find out that my CDC doesn't weigh you at all, that it's completely up to you to weigh yourself. Is this normal or just my counsellor?!
I don't know if it depends on your counsellor... Mine weighs me... but I think so long as they keep a record it doesn't really matter.

Unless of course it matters to you... in which case you might say to your counsellor that you wonder if it would be a possibility that they could weigh you?!

Also... noticed ur really close to ur goal :):):):
Well done!
My CDC weighs me every week: the 'monitoring' process really helps keep me on track. I'd hate it if she didn't bother!

That said, I think there ARE CDCs who don't weigh-in ... but I can't understand why a counsellor wouldn't perform that basic service for their clients. Just seems 'odd'!
I don't have a 'weigh in' with my counsellor either. he just phones me up the same day each week to find out my weight.

I think most others seem to he weighed by their counsellors it may be nice to have that extra contact but I prefer to weigh myself in the morning naked and after a pee and give that weight. That way what clothes you wear and what water has been drank through the day does not affect the weight. I like to weigh myself each morning and keep an eye on my weight all week but others prefer a once a week weigh in. For me if I was just weighed once a week too much emphasis would be placed on that day and I may be inclined to drink less the day of weighin and cheat the day after. How do you feel you will be most successful?
Im same as Dizzy - I get a phone call once a month for my loss.
Yes I get where you're coming from Dizzy! I also prefer to weigh myself first thing, naked and after my morning wee!!!!!!

I wasn't really complaining, just a query as to whether that's the norm with CD. I'm really enjoying CD, lots more to chose from and, of course, the price difference LOL!

And thanks, yes I am very near my goal, although I'm planning to continue to have at least one CD pack a day when I'm completely finished as they're so full of nutrition. I've just started the 790 cal bit of the diet and really enjoying it. Again, much more flexible than LL.

Nice to "meet" you all!
Sarah x
Hi there - I don't get weighed by my CDC - in fact she doesn't even contact me to ask how I've done :(

I just phone her every 4weeks to tell her what I need for my next 4week set and then go to pick it up - sometimes she asks how much I've lost and sometimes she doesn't....not sure how typical this is though !

I honestly thought she would need to know what I'm losing on a weekly basis for my 'record' :confused: maybe not..
Sarah5, Yes I see you are already nearly at target. CONGRATULATIONS! Your lack of weigh in hasn't affected your success then.
So Debz does your counsellor "counsel" you or, again, is that not really the CD way?

Sorry for all the questions, I really don't know what to expect from CD as it is quite different to LL.
So Debz does your counsellor "counsel" you or, again, is that not really the CD way?

Sorry for all the questions, I really don't know what to expect from CD as it is quite different to LL.

counsel me ??!!! lol - nope - she just sorts out the required number of packs, sticks them in plastic bags, takes my cheque....and that's kinof it really :( :confused:

good job that I'm not struggling on this cos I would be majorly stuffed if I was relying on my CDC for support ! She never contacts me - no phone calls, emails - nuthin !

I was with her yesterday picking up my next 'months' supply and she never even asked me how much weight I'd lost so far :eek: quites disappointing really...especially since it says on all the CD packs that 'the support of your Counsellor is a key part of the programme' (or something similar.....

anyway, as I say - I'm doin OK on my own - and with the support of all the lovely people here on Minimins :) thank goodness I found this place cos it has been a lifelline to me !

Hi all,

My CDC weighs me every fortnight and measures ma aswell tosee what inches i've lost.

I go every 2 weeks to get my packs, she's really good actually, a bit stern maybe though.