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I lost 4lbs this week, so I am back to where I was 2 weeks ago, which is a relief.

However, I can no longer stick to sole source. I am cheating. I am miserable.

Rather than give up completely, I am going onto the 810 plan as of today.

I have an 810 question, can I have water chestnuts?
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Winning a losing battle!
Well done on the 4lbs Guru!

SS is so very hard and I think you're making the right choice moving to 810, you still get good losses so it's a positive move.

I don't remember water chestnuts from the 810 list of foods but I'm sure someone else will be along shortly to confirm!
Glad things are moving for you :)

I find SS impossible to stick to 100% week in week out so i do ss+ every other day or so..makes it far easier to stick to (for me) i still lose a stone a month on average so obviously doesnt do me any harm lol

I lurrrve water chestnuts...hope they are allowed for you lol


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Thanks girls. I'd rather move up plans than give up completely. I must lose this weight.

I have booked a holiday for early January to Morocco. I hope to lose at least another two stone by then.


Girl on a mission
Guru you have done amazing, and sure you'll do just as well on 810:D and sometimes a few weeks on a higher plan can get you in the right frame of mind to go back to ss..and i'm certain you'll lose 2 stone by xmas even on 810 hun x


Can hug her knees :)
well done on your 4lb off, and good luck with you 810 i think it sounds like a good plan xx


Winning a losing battle!
If you stick with 810, you should easily do 2 stone before Morocco. I think the average losses are around 12lbs a month so certainly possible!

You have lost an incredible amount in a short period so hang on in there, you can do it.
well done on your loss, I had a few days of pain last week and did a couple of SS+ days and still lost 6lb, so i think it better to do a change or something like you are, so that you dont just throw it all away.
My cdc said it was fine to do that as long as i happy i more likely to keep on track


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Thanks guys. I won't give up. I have to do this!
I'm a newbie!

Hey guys,

was reading thru ur posts and totally inspired by ye.. im startn ss tomorrow..hopin 4 a 2stone loss by xmas..

lukin at all ye hav lost has really made me feel dat its possible!!


please try again
congratulations hun, sounds like a plan that will suit you
Congrats to Guru on brilliant loss this week, hope that 810 works very well for you!

And welcome to Phoneix, we might have our moans here but this is superb diet, hope you lose fabulously!
Hi hun and congratulations! Must feel good to be minus that 4lb and back to losing again. Good on you for sticking with it, at the end of the day it doesn't matter what plan you do, you are still going to lose and benefit. Best to be happy in the process! You'll have to share your 810 meal ideas for when i move up, i worry i will get bored, then realise i'm living on 5 or so flavours permanently at the moment and feel like an idiot for even thinking it... Enjoy xx


Enjoyin' my journey....
Well done Guru. Good decision for 810. I do SS+ and on bad days my own version called SS++!! Keeps me with CD, SS would drive me away and back to weight gain. Good luck and keep going. Tx


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I did a week of 810 and didn't lose a single pound! I am GUTTED


Winning a losing battle!
Try and stick with it Guru, it could just be your body having a bit of a panic and not knowing what is going on.

Fingers crossed you'll have a good loss next week although I know how difficult it is to keep motivated after a sts week - I've just had the same at my WI today.

I appear to be extremely carb sensitive and so my CDC has suggested that I try having my meal earlier in the day to give my body more time to use the tiny amount of carbs up - might be worth giving that a go if you can?

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