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    CDROME Full Member

    I went to see my Consultant this morning, to pick up the second weeks worth of Cambridge products and of course, to have a weigh in. My weight has dropped from 85.2 kg to 81.9 kg. This is equivalent to dropping from 187 pounds to 180 pounds! After worrying all week about how my TOTM would affect the weight loss and how my body would respond to a new diet, I am beyond ecstatic with a seven pound loss in six days! :D

    I can't believe that I'm at the end of day seven at 100% Sole Source. Or that one week out of eleven on Sole Source is now behind me. As bizarre as it sounds, I'm looking forward to the coming week. I'm ready for it! :) X
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  3. nmninos

    nmninos Full Member

    Well done. Brilliant result, its all worth it. I'm a re-start so fingers crossed :)
  4. Bratty

    Bratty Member

    What's Totm please.

    CDROME Full Member

    It stands for time of the month. :)

    CDROME Full Member

    Thanks so much! I'm very pleased. :D

    Best of luck! When do you begin? X
  7. nmninos

    nmninos Full Member

    1st weigh in on wed's. Totally going to do it this time :)

    CDROME Full Member

    You most certainly will! :) Wishing you the best of luck! X


    I've just started today. Keep us posted on how you get on on Wed !!
  10. CDROME

    CDROME Full Member

    How're you getting on in your first few days? :) X
  11. JHP

    JHP New Member

    I have just had my first weigh in: a loss of 3kg (6.6 pounds)

    The hunger pains have gone and I am excited about this next week!!

    Good luck to those reading this thread

    :) Jo
  12. CDROME

    CDROME Full Member

    That's fantastic! What a great loss. :) I have my second weigh in on Saturday. I've been good all week- no cheating etc and have been drinking the required amount of water. For some reason though, I'm more nervous about my second weigh in than I was with the first! Hopefully, I'm able to drop somewhere around the 7pound mark as I did in week one! I hope your second week is flying by with ease. X
  13. CDROME

    CDROME Full Member

    Second weigh in: 81.9kg to 80.4kg / 180 pounds to 177 pounds. It could've been slightly higher. But 3 pounds is still a loss. So I'll take it! :) X
  14. JHP

    JHP New Member

    A loss is definitely a loss! Yay you! My next weigh is Wednesday... I haven't cheated, which is fantastic as I just went to my nieces 18th birthday party and the temptations were enormous!! Gosh, I hope the scales are kind to me :)
  15. CDROME

    CDROME Full Member

    Thanks JHP! Well done for getting through the party. I had a similar experience last week and there was food and alcohol galore. And then again recently during a trip to the cinemas, minus the nachos and sweet popcorn! No cheating at this end either though :D Best of luck for Wednesday- you'll do great! :) X
  16. Carrie39

    Carrie39 Full Member

    Woot woot!
  17. JHP

    JHP New Member

    Second weigh in: 2kg/4.4pds

    So glad the scales are going down!! 4kg to go until my first target!

    Good luck all :) JHP
  18. Spanglymum

    Spanglymum Gold Member

    Can I chime in? Second weigh in today: 4lb off. Thats's 1st 2lb in two weeks!!
  19. wantto be slim

    wantto be slim Full Member

    Super loses ladies, well done. Ive got my week 3 weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed!
  20. CDROME

    CDROME Full Member

    Congrats! Hoping this week was just as successful for you! :)
  21. CDROME

    CDROME Full Member

    Chime away! What a fantastic loss! You should feel very proud of yourself. :) x

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