weigh ins week 4 and 5

had a hectic 2 weeks hubby is moving work premises so we are all over the place.Thanks for enquiring after us Dizzy;) week 4 weigh ins :-
me - 3lbs
hubby 4 lbs we thought hubby had reached a plateau until yesterdays weigh in.....
week 5
Hubby 7lbs - he has now lost 49lbs in 5 weeks, :D :D he can feel the difference already and his clothes look awful:D like someone elses cast offs.
Me 1lb - lol had to laugh I have cheated all week. I don't know whats wrong every time I walked past the fridge I opened it and found something to nibble :D . Chocolate, pizza, chips and curry sauce and a rib eye steak:eek: :eek: :eek: . But I have got that out of my system so I hope to do better this week
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Well done to both of you. Your husbands weightloss is amazing. He must be quite delighted that his wearing cast off's.

Now he will have to shop, that will be such a huge incentive to continue.

Do your best to keep strong and stick to the diet, you too need to look awful in cast off clothes.