Weigh Scales?

Doesanyone weigh themselves at home? I weighed myself on my start of my second morning, and I was down 3 pounds? is this normal? I dont want to get my hopes up before my meetings, but i need to see i am doing something!
Some people weight themselves at home - other (such as myself) have found that the constant checking 'in between' weigh-ins can be very, very counter-productive.

One bad reading and you can be thrown into a tail-spin. It happened to me and I've seen it countless times on these boards.

So it depends on what sort of personality you have ... if you find you get disheartened at what APPEARS to be a poor result then I wouldn't weigh at home. All you need to know is that there WILL be an average of a stone loss per month if the diet is adhered to - this diet works on a monthly average - not daily losses and all the inherent fluctuations. :)
okay thank you, well the other thig i was goign to aski, is when to check fo ketones? o have some sticks, wondering if anyone takes only two days to get into ketosis?

And how to I measure what stage i am in using the sticks? is any colour on the stick mean im in ketosis?
Hi Mungo I was in ketosis by the end of day 2, on the sticks the first pad is normal any other colour as it gets darker is ketosis. I usually weigh myself on the morning I get weighed, as when I first started I didnt register on the chemists scales, and I had visited my gp the day before who wanted to weigh me. Anyway my scales are a pound heavier than drs.
If you followed your CDC's advice and cut down on the carbs before you started then it's possible to go into ketosis within a couple of days.

More commonly, it takes four days or so. By all means, use a stick to test. If it doesn't change colour at all and is still 'beige' then it's negative. Any shade of pink shows you're in ketosis.

Best time to check is first thing in the morning when your urine is most concentrated. Any shade of pink is a positive ... you're either 'in' ketosis or you're not. The only difference is that if you get a dark pink reading during the day, you're not drinking enough as the ketones are concentrated. If this happens, glug more water.

You might find it useful to buy your own ketostix (get them from any local chemist or online - don't bother with Boots ... they can get awkward). They cost about £5 for a pack that lasts ages.

Once you're in ketosis, provided you don't 'cheat' then you'll quite happily stay there and don't need to constantly check.
Hope this helps :)
only the beige indicates that u aren't in ketosis but any of the pinks means u r. it doesnt matter if u r in the first couple of pinks, but if u r in the dark one that means ur urine is too concerntrated and u are dehydrating so need to drink more.

i weigh at home and was down 5lbs on day 2 which i thought must be wrong but it was correct. having said that, russiandoll is right, dont let urself get to fixated on weighing and go by the monthly loss if u wanna stay positive :)

hope that helps

russiandoll u did it again! :eek: lol
LOL Karen!!

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