Weighing according to time.


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Oie dokes, I have learnt that you weigh differently during the day. I think its lighter in the morning and then heavier in the evening.

I usually weigh myself early in the afternoon. Does it really matter what time you weigh yourself? I don't think it does, but does it?
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It does vary through the day, but if it will affect you psychologically then perhaps choose a specific time of day to weigh and try to keep to that. Some weigh first thing in the morning only. Even the clothes you wear can add up to a kg or a couple of pounds.
I sometimes (a bit obsessiviely!) check a.m then p.m and sometimes with and without clothing. It's probably best to give an allowance of a couple of pounds fluctuation.


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it does make a difference, yes. i usually find i weigh myself early before ive drunk anything as this can add water weight definately..i used to get weighed (last year) at lunchtime after id drunk 2 ltrs of water and my weight loss, when i changed to just after 9 a.m. when theyd opened and i hadnt had anything yet, made a huge difference, which for me, helped me see the weight coming off faster (even if it was only a few pounds and it was water as well)!

hope i didnt ramble too much there and it makes sense!

h xx


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I am aiming to get weighed in the morning this time as I was got weighed in the evening last time and found myself heavier so gonna try this way out and see how it goes. Always try and wear the same thing to your meetings as I found one time i wore jeans rather my usual tracksuit bottoms and found I was heavier so it really depends. Hope your first wi goes well for ya!!


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from experience i would advise you to weigh yourself in the morning. i always weigh myself first thing in the morning before i have a shake or water or anything. if you weigh yourself in the afternoon you will have at least 2 shakes in you as well as at least a litre of water (if your drinking good ) so u will definitely weigh more than you would first thing in the morning! x i go by my home scales because its the same as all other scales except my pharmacy (on those i am half a stone heavier!) . so when i wake up on weigh in morning i weigh myself with nothing on (dont laugh clothes weigh!) so i feel i have my most accurate weigh in then :)

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If its just to see how much weight you've lost then probably stick to a similar time of day.XX


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From my exp too, weigh yourself in the morning, it will give you a boost throughout the day too!!! you will be smiling all day!