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weighing yourself before SW???

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weekly Weigh In' started by gilliansarah, 18 January 2012 Social URL.

  1. gilliansarah

    gilliansarah Member

    I have my 1st weigh in 2Moro so wen I was at my mum's I thought I'd have a little sneaky weigh in of my own and was only to b disappointed to find out I've only lost half a pound!!!! Totally gutted as I've worked so hard !!!! Has Anyone else done this and went and got weighed the next day only to find out they'be lost more and it was the home scales that were wrong?? Clinging to hope here.lol. Plus my mum's scales r cheap.lol xxx
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  3. boofle

    boofle Silver Member

    Hi yes this has happened to me in the past, try to stick to the same scales each week, we all know how tempting it is to jump on but if the scales do not show what we want this can have a negative effect and you may blow it good luck with weigh in lol x
  4. fairy83

    fairy83 Member

    Never weigh myself! Only do at sw as scales can all be slightly out! Love the surprise each week has been amazing!
  5. Iwant2beasize12

    Iwant2beasize12 Silver Member

    Ive thrown my scales away!! Just going to stick to sw scales
  6. sargentgirl

    sargentgirl Chippin away at it

    The same happened to me..according to my scales I had lost 1.5 lbs but when I went to weigh in I had lost 5.5 lbs!!! Dont be put off, wait till weigh in and DONT DO IT AGAIN! lol x
  7. MrsLisaMarie

    MrsLisaMarie I'm a loser

    I did this today and it put me on a downer this afternoon :(

    Fingers crossed they are wrong and I have a better result tomorrow on the official scales! lol

    Good luck with your weigh in xx
  8. Cheekychoppies

    Cheekychoppies New Member

    My first weigh-in is tomorrow and I did exactly the same thing this morning. I am also cosidering wearing exactly the same clothes each week. God, how obsessed am I? lol xx
  9. sargentgirl

    sargentgirl Chippin away at it

    I always wear the same clothes every week, and eat my tea AFTER weigh in lol x
  10. huntsu1

    huntsu1 Full Member

    Yep, me too, tea after weigh in which means a late one so I usually pop a jacket spud in the oven, dosnt matter if I'm a bit late back as its ready and waiting. I also wear the same clothes each week although I am going to wear a new dress tonight as I have been wearing the last one for just over 2 stones and its way too big so new size 14 from now on....
  11. shellsbells-x

    shellsbells-x Full Member

    Well I must admit that I am a serial weigher-inner lol.

    It can be very decieving though and if you do weigh at home too you have to be very sure of yourself!!!!
    I don't let it get me down, and if i do see a gain I am so proud of myself as I just carry on regardless!!
    I never used to be this way but turning 30 seems to have matured me lots!!

    My scales are about -3lbs different from SW Scales, which is devastating as i weighed in at 162lbs this morning. My last SW weigh in was 161.5lbs. My logic works that out as a SW Weigh in tomorrow of 165lbs :mad: x

    It is a very dangerous game, but I have always been this way, I cannot walk out of the bathroom without weighing myself. I am just fortunate that no matter how tied I am to this routine, the numbers don't bother me too much. Reading this back I have just realised that I am a very odd character :D

  12. Aimee1691

    Aimee1691 Member

    I did this today, my first WI is wednesday and i havnt lost anything according to my scales, im sooo hoping theyre wrong! Ill be devastated if not. Ill let you know
  13. MrsLisaMarie

    MrsLisaMarie I'm a loser

    I have the same clothes to wear on Tuesdays and never have tea before my weigh in.

    I did weigh myself today just to "check" and was quite pleased with what I saw...I will update after tomorrow nights weigh in xx
  14. Shivy84

    Shivy84 Full Member

    my first week on SW i weighed myself halfway through the week and had "gained" four lbs! i was so devastated and ate things i shouldn't have. But then I went for my SW weigh in and I had lost 5.5lbs!!!
    This week I foolishly weighed myself again, and because I had "lost" 4lbs, i became very complacent and again ate things I shouldn't have! so who knows what will happen tomorrow at weigh in!
    But I have definitely learnt my lesson, I will not weigh myself anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. gilliansarah

    gilliansarah Member

    the scales i used were 2lb of!! i actually lost 4lbs my first week! phew, never again will i use other scales as its disheartening wen u fink u havent lost any weight! ive no lost 9.5lbs in 4 WI im happy wit that, nice steady progress :) thx u all for ur words of encouragement :) xxxxxx

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