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weighing yourself


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At class last week we made a pact not to weigh ourselves anywhere but at class.

I am sooooooooooo nervous for tomorrow's weigh-in! i normally weight myself every morning at home, and then i weigh myself at the gym AND on my wii! it's been really hard not weighing myself this week and i have no idea what to expect tomorrow!

how often do you all weigh?
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OHHH how exciting...wish I had the will power not to,I weigh myself about 3 times a day and I don't know why!!! I even do it when I get back before bed,even though ive just been weighed!!!! Good luck x
never, only at class! - the only other scales il weigh on is the boots bmi machines in store as they are 100% accurate everytime, and i will only use these if i am expecting abig gain and need to be prepared or if i cannot make it to class !

i can see how i could easily be addicted to it, hence why i never bought a pair of scales- to save my sanity!
I'm a weighing scales addict? Weigh loads of time a day but have now moved the scales upstairs in the bathroom so I try and restrict the times I weigh but couldn't go to class and not know if I had lost or gained :)


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I try not to, but sometimes its twice a day, and always ten mins before meeting, to be prepared


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i used to weigh daily and then swished bath water all over my digital scales and broke them :( haven't bought any more and since starting slimming world i can only get weighed at class. something that i have never ever done before!! i think it really helps. really helps keep me on track. i can't weigh myself and think 'oh, i'm doing well, i can have that *insert something i shouldn't eat here* and still get a loss...

abz xx


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im finding it REALLY hard. i really want to weigh myself but i am going to hold off. get weighed at class tomorrow so i'll see how i get on then make the decision what to do next week!

Mrs V

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I do have a sneaky peek on the morning of class, but I never let it sway me.
I too am an obsessive weigher, usually first thing in the morning after a wee, i always class that as my true weight.
I have tried really hard not to do it somedays, but then spend all day wondering what it would of said.....blooming crazy :eek:
I did stop weighing a couple of years ago and i think that helped me to pile the weight on, i wasn't aware it was creeping back on.
do you think it's unhealthy to weigh so often? (not you directly, people i mean!)


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For the last month of so (when I have had the best monthly result since I started in November), I have got into the habit of weighing myself every morning (post wee) and just before my Tuesday evening WI. I only do it for the pleasure of seeing that I have lost weight and I find that it helps my motivation more than just the weekly one. The last (and only) time I lost a lot of weight, I kept up the daily weigh as it kept me focused. I have only ever gained both pre SW and since doing SW if I don't do it religiously. As I said before, it is the best motivator for me and if I am disappointed with what I see, it makes me even more focused as opposed to going off the rails.


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I generally only weigh when I go to WI.
I used to be addicted to weighing as often as I could, but found that really detrimental to my SW journey.
Now and then, I take a sneak preview so I think I will know what my SW WI results may be, but my scales lie ;)... I know they weigh 2 pounds less than SW scales, so I think i know the result.... wrong answer!!
When I do that I go to WI knowing I have put on, but mostly found I lost!!
So, the best bet is never to weigh until you get on the SW scales!
that's how i feel, i see it as something to motivate rather than send me off the rails! i'll see how i get on tomorrow, but im going back to daily weigh-in's on wed! :)


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Serial weigher here too, always after a wee in a morning and last thing at night!! The batteries are about to go on the scales though so I aren't going to replace them, as I only get a hufty on if I have put on weight!!
I am a serial weigher as well, get on every morning (after a wee) and every night before bed, sometimes I get on in midday as well. I know it is not gud to get on the scales so often but I cannot go a day without getting on the scales. I find it motivates me especially if I have lost and more so if I have sts or gained
I WI at home first thing on a Monday morning, post wee, then I tend to weigh myself again on Wed or Thurs to keep me on track although it is very tempting to jump on/off the scales everyday!!!

Once ive been on the scales my 9 year old son wants to jump on the scales a couple of times a week, (guess whos been watching me):p. lol
I only weigh at class. I tend to know in myself if I've lost or gained. This week i've been on plan except for a cookie monster attack last night so I shouldn't gain, however, I feel bloated (totm) so I wouldn't be surprised if I did gain.
I know if I've been good then I should lose and if I don't then it's down to my body.
If I got on the scales mid week and hadn't lost after "being good" I might be tempted to have a blow out so I don't.
Plus my daughter was also prone to hopping on and off the scales so I hid them from both of us a long time ago as I don't think it's healthy for an 11 yr old to be weighing herself.

I'm proud of you woodsylou, hope you get a lovely suprise tomorrow night. xx
I had got silly with weighing myself and it was contradicting my wi results and confusing my poor little brain so got hubby to hide the scales! I've felt much better since have broken the habit! The only thing have used is the wii which I dont take seriously anyway as think this varies so I would reccomend not weighing at home!
Hope you make it through to Wi hun and get a nice surprise and then it might help you break the cycle too!! Would you have done anything different eating wise if you had been told anything by your scales at home?
Hope you make it through to Wi hun and get a nice surprise and then it might help you break the cycle too!! Would you have done anything different eating wise if you had been told anything by your scales at home?
thank you! the only thing i'd do differently, is if i'd got on the scales and they'd shown a gain i would of cut back more or done more exercise. it would only push me to be better, not worse.

i definitely won't weigh now until i get weighed at SW, and then i'll see how i feel.

thanks for the replies,it's interesting to see everyone's habits!

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