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Weighing yourself


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I weigh myself every morning, always have, always will. I do my morning ablutions, take off my glasses :D then weigh myself. I consider this my 'pure' weight. :p

So doing this diet I want to loose exactly one stone. I have a friend who gets weighed every Monday evening :eek: and that is her weight, clothes and all. I read that some get weighed at Boots etc. That would add 4lbs to my weight. So it is more that it is counting the pounds off rather than the actual weight?

How does everyone else do their weight?
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First thing on a morning, zero clothing. I weigh too much to be adding the weight of clothes and shoes :D
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I stick to the same scales first thing on a morning. I've weighed myself on boots scales previously but that's during the day and I always weigh different to my mam's scales. Reckon as long as you stick to the same scales it's ok x


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Poppy, I'm like you - all the way... except I haven't usually put the glasses on yet, but maybe the Contacts...

I don't think I could handle the mental anguish of knowing that 4lb are due to my clothes etc...


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I'm exactly the same. Out of bed, into the bathroom, jump on the scales then shower etc. After recording my weight that is.
I used to hate weighing in at SW as it was an evening class. I ended up eating the same food for breakfast and lunch (even down to how much water I drank with my food), and wearing the same clothes each Thursday so that nothing was affecting my weightloss. I was always starving during the class as I wouldn't eat tea until after I had been, even tho i'd had lunch as early as I could.
It's much easier jumping on the scales as soon as you get up, before getting dressed.

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I weigh myself first thing after a wee and I'm always naked! :D

Failing that, I resort to this... ;)



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Too funny. So it seems the majority are just like me :) Nice to know there are other crazy people too.


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Are you all too polite to say the obvious? For me, it's the same as you guys (first thing, naked, after wee...) and on official weigh in morning isn't it great if a number two bus comes too ;)


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I believe we all put that but in our own delicate way :D

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I'm a once a week girl...

Once a week on a Sunday morning, naked before shower. Can't do it after in case the wet skin is heavier than the dry skin... and could never do it if i've washed my hair!!
Once a week is enough though. Can't be doing it every day or i'd get really paranoid!
Mich x


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I found I was lighter if I waited about an hour after getting up, wonder if the kidneys speed up? One morning I'd put on 1.5lbs, really fed up, checked it and it was the same, but after my cup of tea and shower ( and another pee) I'd dropped 2!


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How funny Topaz! I have, at times after weighing myself, been disappointed and have weighed myself later and been less so. I only take my first morning weight as 'gospal' and figure if the next weight shows me less that tomorrows weight will be a good one. Keeps me motivated.


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I do first thing in the morning, too. Every morning. I have done for 16 months or so now. I vowed to do it whether I was on a diet or not and it has been a real eye-opener. I can really 'see' my yo-yoing!

I have just lost 19 lbs or so and I know I am in real danger of going back up which is why I decided on Dukan today!

I record my weight on fridgegraph every morning. I started 16 months ago when I reached my heaviest ever weight (heavier than when I was 9 mths pg, too!) - lost 30 lbs with ww, put nearly all of that back on after a 'weekend' off, then did sw...and now I can really SEE what will happen if I don't do something else now!!

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