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Weight aims..

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
won't call them goals, but I thought it might be nice to post our individual aims for our weight while pregnant. :)

I know some are planning on losing and some are trying to maintain or not gain too much.

What do you hope for?

Personally, I wanted to stay in 12 st range for as long as possible.. I hit 13st yesterday morning so am trying to be good till I lose a few lbs. :) Then it'll be just being better about what I'm eating and hoping not to gain till late on in my pregnancy. I maintained my weight with my DD 11 years ago till 6 weeks before she was born so would love to repeat that, all that I gained was gone by the time I got home. :)
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Well girls glad to report I've shifted 1/2 a lb!! I'm SO happy as am back in the 12 stone range, even if it's 12st 13 and a half lb! lol but it still counts eh! :)

I'm sure you'll both see improvements, with healthy eating and the energy baby uses :) Are you going to weigh weekly or is that too intense?

I'm still a daily weigher!! I dont' think i'll change this to be honest as it is the only thing that works for me after baby to keep an eye on my weight. If I stop weighing I start gaining as it's not there in my mind. I just need to remember baby WILL gain weight at somepoint. :)
I would have liked to have stayed the same but put on loads over easter (too much chocolate!) When I realise I was pregnant I was 13.4 and went up to 13.7... I have been trying to eat better and cut out rubbish. I was 13.5 yesterday. I have tried to get advice from my midwife and dr but they both said to eat sensibly and have a balanced diet....but with nothing specific.

In the absence on any concrete advice I thought I would try for low gi diet, as this is what is recommended if you get gestational diabetes. I know the way I react to carbs and whereI store fat that I would have been heading for diabetes b4 I lost the weight.

So long story short, I have switched to meat, veg and fruit, my pregacare pills and low fat yogurt/babybels...andI hope to maintain this weight until the last part of the 2nd trimester/ beginning of 3rd
d oh yes, I am eating a controlled amount of wholemeal bread and cereal too, but I find i have to eat them with protein as well, or I feel hungry all day and have been putting on weight like no tomorrow. If I start my day with cereal, I may as well of started with a mars bar =(

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
cereal isn't enough for me in the morning either ((hugs)) I have to follow up with toast or fruit a bit later.

I don't think dr's like us to worry over our weight while pregnant. I always think that as long as I don't GAIN 3 stone then it'll all be fine! lol a friend of mine did this with one of hers, and she was still in her maternity clothes from her first born, so in the space of 2 years was 4 and a half stone UP.. that is a huge gain in that time, this was without the baby weight itself.
So... we're not failing girlies just being aware ;)


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My dietician has said I should gain 1 to 1 1/2 stone over the whole pregnancy, so slightly less than a woman normally would. Saying that, I've lost 10lbs since finding out I am pregnant so at the moment my aim to to maintain my weight.

apparently, we are supposed to gain 5lbs in the first trimester, 1lb per week in the second trimester, and about 6-7lbs in the third.

I'm not far off the end of my first, and have gained 1lb from my lowest weight.
I will try n weigh in weekly. But like purplehigs cant resist standing on the scales daily too!!!

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Loves weight.. training!
I watched my weight with my first, and only gained a stone in the last 6 weeks.. She was 7lb 3oz born and when I got home I'd lost the entire stone. :)

I'm really hoping to lose a little more weight and stay in the 12's for as long as I can - I won't starve myself but am going to be healthy - for baby and for me, and this will carry on after baby arrives if breast feeding especially. :)

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
cooor hun you're asking now! lol My DD is 10! lol so that was 11 years ago!!
All you need to do honestly though is lots of fruit n' veg and eat healthy 'for the baby' - remind yourself that everything you eat goes to the baby and it's not too hard. ;) good food is good for you and baby. :D

I was working at the time, and went off bread, so lunch became things like pasta salad etc, I went off banana's too, which were a staple fruit for me, so had to go onto other things like strawberries, melon etc that I could make fruit salad with etc for work. But I did have the odd treat, it was just the odd one instead of often. :)

There are a few of us on here concious of our weight loss / gain so perhaps we can offer each other receipes and support :)
I've put on 3-4 lbs so far, I'm 30 wks.
Had really rubbish day BP up and to top it GTT high so got diabetic clinic this wk so prob insulin injections like last preg.
Lets hope I dont have to go in hosp like last time. I was in and out for 10 wks from 25 - 38 wks. I cant have that this time.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Well done with your weight gain so far moonflower ((hugs)) hope that your diabetes can be controlled without you going into hospital, but if you do end up in hospital just know it's for all the right reasons and a commitment to your baby - just a bit early.
Thanks for the support. Got go Mon for a more acurate dating scan could be couple weeks further as measuring that on scan and fundal height but that might be cos I'm fat. Still maintaining the weight at the mo hoping to only put on couple more pounds at most.
Good job Ive got a good midwife as she knows me otherwise think i would be in hosp under ops. BP still up, no more decorating till next week or cleaning!!!
glad all is going well for everyone

Well as didnt expect or know was preg I carried on with the xenical and other weightloss tablet. I've got bad arthritis and fibro so haven't done any exercise. I have and still do eat healthy but last two wks have eaten what I wanted and that includes bbq yesterday at friends and one today at in-laws, had plenty of salad stuff though as I cant usually eat it as it gives me really bad IBS but so far so good!!!
Still at 4 lbs so ok. I was done for bypass insept but that will have to be put on hold!!!! all that hassel to get on the list now have to post-pone. Such a huge surprise finding i was 28 wks preg and didnt know.
I might start swimming as enjoyed it when on hol even though it was only a few widthes and some floating kicks. I cant even do any walikng as have to use mobility scooter. I have pubis dysfunction too.
Anything will be of benefit just take it easy.

i'm not pg now, but when i was last year i gained 5.5st (i was slim before) and i did eat healthy but didn't exercise. i think as long as you eat healthy things and don't go crazy (i think they say your calorie allowance increases by 200 when you're pg) then you shouldn't gain too much.. but at the end of the day i think dieting while pg is a big no no (not sure if anyone is actively dieting as such) but when ur pg it's expected that you gain weight.. after all there is a bubba in there ;) next time around i'm planning on staying active :)

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