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weight/clothes size question

I wonder if anyone can answer me this.

I am 5'3" and weigh in at 15 stone. I'm a size 16 - 18 in clothes, in another few pounds off i will be firmly a size 16.

Now my sister in law is a size 18 and is 2 stone lighter than me and 3 inches taller.

and i know other people who are all taller than me (not many people aren't lol) and are bigger but weight less.

Why do i weigh so heavy? I certainly do not squeeze into clothes that are too small for me, and i have a wide range of clothes from different stores so its not that i stick to ne place where the sizing might be more generous.
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I wrote a post about this recently...
It is just plain odd! For a few years in my late teens I was a size 12 but weighed over 11 stone.
Now at 15+ stone I wore 22-24 clothes! so for 4 stone i went up about 6 sizes!
I know others who are 16-17 stone and wear size 20's

I think for me now, I have a lot of flab... so i cant squeeze into some clothes... some people seem to carry their weight more solidly and so can fit into smaller clothes.. but I don't know...
sizing has always been a mystery to me.. it can't be just about frame size or my shape wouldn;t have changed so massivley with the weight gain.

maybe someone can solve the big mystery!



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I think it's where you carry your flab. Mine is mostly at the front (which is why people always used to think I was pregnant) but I have no hips or bum. This meant that I was limited in what I could buy when I was 18/20 because straight skirts, for example, always had a huge lump in the sides which I didn't fill! (And when I told people I was virtually 14 stone, they just did NOT believe me! They expected someone of that weight to have a ginormous rear end, and I just didn't.)

It's all odd, this weight thing. Now I'm getting lighter, I try not to obsess about weight too much, and rely more on how I look and feel.
im 13 stone 2 and 5'3 and only just getting some 16's now, and it does depend where i shop - when i was this weight in 2005, i could get into 14's easily and only a couple of 16's. I would love to now get rid of all my 18's and be a def 16 and move down towards the 14's as i head towards the 12's but it's not happening yet, but just thought id share my story too. I also think it depends where the fat has accumulated, mine has definately come on my thighs and on my tummy after having a baby and so i can't do trousers up easily, but i can get most size 16's on top now, but do have a bigger bust than i did in 2005 x


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hi, i weigh 13.3 now and started at 14.6, at the beginning i was a size 16-18 and now can wear size 14 tops and some size 14 trousers but not all, depends if they are generous lol i carry my weight around my bum and hips whereas i have a relatively small belly and waist so i think clothes sizing and weight does have a lot to do with your bidy shape. my mum has similar measurements to me but is 2 stone heavier, god knows why lol i hope this helps and try not to worry about it too much xx
I am a size 12 at 5'5 and 11stone 3 ish I carry all my weight on my belly and look pregnant as I have a slim back. if I am about 10lb lighter I fit back in my 10's.


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What a brilliant thread Twingo!
I've been puzzling about the very same thing and asked my CDC but she didn't have an answer either.
My daughter is 2" taller than me and in all her measurements is a little bigger than me (1" - 1/2") except for her waist which is 3" smaller. (I've had 4 very big babies) She weighs 12st 10lbs and I'm 13st 9lbs. ??? Am I heavier because my bones are bigger/stronger from carrying around 16st for so long? Am I more muscled (perhaps?) I'm curious about this too.
well in theory if our bones are denser than most peoples then i guess we are at less risk of osteoporosis yay!!
I'm a size 24 and I weigh 21 stone...I have a friend who weighs 20 stone and is in a size 28. It's amazing how different people really are size to weight-wise.

People never believe how much I weigh when I tell them either, I don't know if it's because I carry it well or maybe they just imagine that someone who weighs 21 stone must be absolutely huge, huge?

I carry my weight mainly on my tummy and (bizarelly) arms, and I have curvy hips and bum but they aren't that big. My legs aren't too bad (obviously big but quite in proportion iykwim).

I carry quite a lot on my face too but luckily that's the first place it goes from so it makes a big difference :D

Interesting thread!
I don't think they (clothes shops) will ever have a "standard sizing guide" - so unfortunately there is now known answer methinx!

I'm 5ft 8 and a half" (I like the half as it makes me taller than my best friend :p) weigh 11 stone 3 and 10/12 on top - depending on how my boobs are feeling! but a 14-16 on bottom as my thighs and bum seem to take all my weight.

I get the same with people not believing how much I weigh but I guess people carry it in different ways. I have brill posture because of being a dancer so I'm sure that helps!

So sit tall, stand straight and balance your body equally on both feet! (God I feel like my old dance teacher when I was little)

I'm 14 st or thereabouts and a size 18 (rapidly becoming baggy) At 15 I was a size 20, but I'm 5'6''.


Start weight, 15st 6lbs - size 20
Weight 14st 6 - size 18
Weight 13st 6 and getting into 16 trousers and some tops, not with buttons though. If its a shirt I am a size 18 due to chest.

Currently a size 16 (easy not skin tight) at 12 st 13lbs

When I was going out with husband I was a size 12, at about 10 and a half stone. I have a hourglass shape.


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I have asked myself this questions so many times. Going back a few years ago I weighed a lovely 10stone 4lb and was a size 14 sometimes a 12 if it was a skirt usually. Then when I was 12stone I was a 16. I am now 14stone and fitt in most 16's but sometimes 18 on top. So bizarre!

I carry most of my weight around my middle. I could go into Next and get a size 16 jeans - no way will they fit, yet I could go into principles and a 16 fits fine! Wait for it .... I can go into M&S and a top would have to be a size 20!!!

So I dont worry about size anymore :)

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