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weight councelling assessment results!


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do you remember me asking you all about weight councelling?
I said that I was going for an assessment to discuss my food 'addiction'
Well ---- it was ----- FANTASTIC.
At last after 42 years of life I have found someone who understands my head and stomach!
She says that I would benefit in 20 x 1 hour sessions ( 1 a week) to disintangle my food addiction.
I am now waiting for the letter to say where and when I can have the sessions!
I have been to a general councellor before but they just 'didn't get' the weight / life / crap connection.
SO I AM VERY EXCITED !!!!! :):):):):)
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WOW! Well done, please keep us informed cus that's something I'd be really interested in knowing about. ANd well done you for taking positive steps!


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That is brilliant news!

Perhaps you could do a diary and put in it what you learn as you go...I know I would find it very helpful.:)

Love Mini xxx


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Superb, I hope it really works out for you.

Keep us posted.



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Oooooh! I am DYING to see how you get on!!! I'd love to read a diary too!


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Do you have to pay?
I'm so glad that it's looking promising! I agree, I'd be very interested to hear what you learn!

It's wonderful that you're taking this step :) Keep us posted on your progress!

That's great news, don't forget to keep us updated - I think most of us could learn something from it!




Positivity is the key
Hi Acom,
delighted you have such a positive attitude to the counselling, wishing you all the best with it. With such help you should be able to lick that addiction. All the best.


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Wow, sounds great and very interesting. I hope it goes well for you. Let us know how ye get on.
Good luck.


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I am happy to do a weekly diary after the councelling sessions.
Do I do it as a normal 'thread' ?????
It is a free service with voluntary (absolutley no pressure) contributions gratefully received.
I will certainly tell all I can about what was discussed apart from personal (non eating-problem related).
I think it is something that most, if not all, of us should look into.
The only problem is they won't start councelling till I start to eat again, so I will start refeeding in about 2 weeks time!


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It sounds fab, and I thought something like that would have cost mega bucks. Who is it done by? I would be interested to find out of there was something like that in my area. Good luck, it sounds like something really worthwhile


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They are called 'Eating Disorder Support' they have a website and are based in Plymouth, UK

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