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Weight gain after target reached


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What I want to ask is, I know we lose weight quick on this diet therefore I am thinking that our stomach has to shrink too, right? So when we reach our target weight if we eat something that is bad for us, we will not be able to eat the same amount as we did before. If I had a whole pizza to myself before, I will only be able to have 1/2 slice as i will be full up.

So will the weight we put on be slow paced or will it be faster as our body is storing everything it finds after the diet.

I am concerened that once the diet is over my body is going to turn everything into fat and store it. quick loss quick gain.
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hi, i mentioned this before somewhere on here so sorry for those who reading it twice, but my brother lost 5stone in 4 month,purly on healthy eating and excerise, he went back eating breakfast rolls, take aways and not doin excerise, and put back on 3 stone of what he lost, so i personally feel what ever way u lose the weight unless u eat healthy excersise your wont maintain it!
thats only my opinion thou!


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On any regime - when you reach target, if you don't change what you were doing before you'll put it all back on and probably more besides.

After being on a TFR programme you must be really careful how you start to eat when you come off it. In the case of LT there is a strict refeeding programme which, if you follow to the letter will ensure that you will not gain in the first week or 2 of eating again. After that they (of course) advocate that you use their maintenance products to help stay in control of your weight but it isn't necessary.
During TFR you have time to understand your relationship with food and to learn that you don't need to continue in that unhealthy way. After refeeding it is up to you to experiment with food to find what combinations work for you to help you stay the same. I am 7 weeks into that stage and I don't mind telling you it's not easy. Nobody waved a magic wand over me and made me dislike foods that aren't the healthiest choices. I am struggling to find the right levels and even out my 'all or nothing' mentality. It doesn't happen overnight.

Yes your stomach will have shrunk but that doesn't necessarily mean that you will be able to eat things like the pizza you mentioned without triggering wanting more of the 'wrong' stuff. You may be lucky ... these are the things we have to give ourselves the time, opportunity and leeway to be able to discover. Your stomach can just as easily stretch again don't forget.

Your post sounds as though you think it's inevitable that you will gain weight afterwards - it isn't, it's all up to you and how you go forward.

Getting to goal is great, it's fantastic and I love it ... you will too, but it's not the end of your journey by any means. In fact it's just the beginning.

Good Luck xx


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Thank you Jan the information you provided has really helped.
Rep to you hun and a dirty banana dance lol :banana dancer:


maintaining since June'09
You're welcome ... love that dirty banana! :) x
I`ve been really worrying about this too :(

Hadn`t posted cos I`m only into my first week and thought everyone would think I`m stupid lol

I`m hoping I`ll maintain my weight loss as I don`t have any food issues. My weight is from when I ate crap yrs ago and piled weight on with having 4 kids, An Underactive Thyroid and PCOS meaning I can`t now lose it :(

I eat very healthily and exercise so am hoping that will be enough once I refeed.

**luck** for when you come to do it Jesi xXx


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since i came off at the end of march ive put on 1.8stone hense why am back on it :p


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Yeah, its something I have been really worried about too. Although I really miss my food, Im quite happy being on the shakes as it is 'safe', and there is no chance of me putting weight on or having any 'slips'!! I just really hope once I start eating again, I am strong enough to control the urges.


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Received this tonight...it is from MIke Scott's Newsletter....I thought it was quite apt...

You cannot forget how to eat too much! You have learnt the behaviour and hence you can't unlearn it!

If I asked you to ride a bike now, you could, because you learnt how to do it many years ago... it may be that you are rusty and need some practice but you definitely can still do it.

Therefore don't ever think you won't be able to eat too much again!

The key thing and the good thing is that it is a choice whether or not to do it again.

I know how to ride a bike still, yet I chose to drive to work this morning because I was in control.

Therefore next time you want to go and eat something you know isn't going to help your weight management then choose not to!


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I have been off LT for about 9 weeks. I have had a holiday, and still have lost another 8 pounds through healthy eating. This is becuase I did not want to lose that much after my holiday, so decided not to return to LT. you have to be careful, introduce carbs slowly, and watch what you eat, try to have a varied diet, but watch your calories, and you will be fine. I have had the odd bad day, but on the whole so far it's going well, you just cannot go back to bad habits.
Eh four kids!!!! you dont look old enough honey!! what do you have?
Sadly I`m older than I look :rolleyes: lol I`m 37!!

I have a son 17 (soon to be 18) Daughter 14 (soon to be 15) Son 13 and daughter 3 (soon to be 4) :)



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Well this is my 3rd stint on LT. The losses have been great each time. The first time I finished it, I behaved relatively with food and did not put on the weight again. I maintained (within a pound or two) for about 7 months. But then life got stressful for various reasons and I went back to my old ways....comfort eating.....portions for two! And the weight started coming back on.

So I did LT again and after finishing it that time I was a complete disaster and ate all the wrong things, wrong times, no exercise! So of course the weight came back on (or at least 1.5 stone of it).

But it is not the LT that is the problem. It is me! I just find it so hard to kick the comfort eating! But the plan this time is to do maintenance!!!! I am hoping that having 2 meals sorted for me then it just leaves me one healthy one to sort myself!

It is true that when you go back on food your appetite has shrunk. But if you are determined to eat huge portions again (as I did) then it will take about 2 days to get back to where it was before LT!

I think the maintenance is a good idea in that it keeps you aware. It keeps you tracking what you are doing. Well that is my plan this time!
i did TFR last year for 4 months and lost 5 stone i had the same feelings as you worrying about eating again and piling the weight back on but it was ok cause your stomach has shrunk you find yourself eating smaller portions and i did have the odd treat just in moderation i put on a couple of pounds over xmas but that was pure over indulgance on my part.
iv started back on lt today to try and shift another stone purely cause i stopped lt when i had reached the top end of my ideal weight i want to try and get mid range now.


maintaining since June'09
Well done Donna - looks like you've cracked it! x


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3 1/2wks maintaining after LT at the minute and have stayed the same so far? Everyone is right. You HAVE to re-educate your eating habits- like any diet- if you go back to what you were doing before then of course you'll end up putting all the weight back on! I was a bit different in that I have an underactive thyroid too and no matter what I was trying the weight wasn't coming off- so I had to try an extreme way of initially losing the weight, and hopefully now that I've returned to my healthy-eating it'll stay off. I'm being careful, and making healthy choices, but I've had two nights out too (too many beers...!)with no major damage done? The odd blow-out won't cause any lasting harm, but for example- if you think "aw..sod it I'm going to have the large curry chip after the pub", then have the fry-up the next day to cure the hangover...then the pizza for tea, well, it's a slippery slope? You need to know that you have to control what you put in your mouth?
I'm hoping to at least maintain for a while, then maybe return to TFR to shift the last 1/2-1 stone? But I'll see.


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Oh Irish Mum you give me hope. I too have an underactive thyroid and couldn't lose weight and LT was my last resort. I'm refeeding on Thursday and very nervous about putting the weight back on.
I ate very healthly before, but the weight from Easter and Christmas went on but would not come off. Anyway I did my big shop and have food ready to go, I'm dying to eat, but not hungry, but also very nervous.
So glad you have maintained, and congrats on your on going hard work. Can I ask do you calorie count or just follow healthly eating from days 4-7 on refeeding sheet?



A little of everything!
couldn't lose weight and LT was my last resort.

I ate very healthly before, but the weight from Easter and Christmas went on but would not come off.
OMG- that was me!!! My dietitian couldn't figure out how I was maintaining 13-odd stone eating 1500cals a day! LOL!

At the minute I'm having a shake for b/fast, and chicken/fish (no sauce just herbs/spices) with either salad (& a little l/f dressing at this stage) or veg (grilled/steamed, or in home-made soup). I'm trying to watch my intake, but not counting cals at the minute because I'd be wayyy under what I'm 'supposed' to be having. I've a bit more I want to get off so will be either returning to TFR or doing 2 shakes/1 meal in a few weeks.
Iv learnt on lt once you stop and start eating wrecklessly it comes back on and sometimes more. When i started lt i weighed 13st i lost a stone and a bit then when i stopped within 2 months i went up to 14st and in all my life iv never been over 13st. X


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Thanks, you are doing brilliantly. I'm still waiting to get an appointment with the dietician, but I think I'll try and follow your lead. You really do give me hope. I do know how hard it is to keeping up the maintainence.
I'm nearly there, I did have a goal of 9st but I'm a loose size 12, so I think I'm at a my goal at the mo.
My ambition was to have a 30 inch waist which I have today, whoo hoo!.
All food smell wonderful at the mo, even the bad stuff. Yelp!

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