weight gain? How come?

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  1. pigletpoo

    pigletpoo Member

    Hi all, I weighed myself this AM and again just - I have put on 4lb!! How does that happen? I have been really good!
    It was about 3lb yesterday morning, and its gone up!

    I cant of put fat on, coz Ive not had anything!

    Could it be water retention? If so, how do I get rid??


    Piglet xx
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  3. Mrs B

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    Hi Pigletpoo,

    Just wanted to send you (((hug))). I don't weigh myself everyday because mine fluctuates like that sometimes.

    Did you drink a lot before you weighed yourself? What about your TOTM? How are your scales (ie new/old)?

    TBH if you've not cheated I wouldn't worry about it.

    If it is water retention drink more water. I know it sounds daft but it helps.

    Good luck.
  4. letmeout

    letmeout Silver Member

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    Hello Pigletpoo,
    If you weighed yourself this morning and then again later in the day that wold account for it. Everyone weighs more as the day goes on even if you don't eat anything- can't remeber why! This is why you should always get weighed at the same time of the day-to compare like with like.
    On day 6 I weighed half a pound moe than the day before but I wall was well the next day and I've lost nearly a stone in week one so do not lose heart!
  5. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    how much water are you drinking and when are you weighing yourself.

    You can retain water if you don't drink enough of it (body holds on to it as there is a lack).

    If you are drinking plenty then take a look at when you are weighing yourself. Weigh yourself at the same time each day (morning is best because you won't have had water/pack) and compare the difference each day (if you must weigh each day). If you weigh more often in a day, fine. But only take into account the first thing in the morning weight.

    YOu cannot be putting on weight in terms of fat if you are sticking to things 100%, having the correct number of packs and drinking plenty of water. So it will only be water that is showing up.
  6. Musical Missy

    Musical Missy Full Member

    Last night I stupidly got on my highly accurate digital scales and weighed 13.1 - this morning I was 12.7 - thats 8lbs difference! My tip - only get weighed on your CDC's scales once a week, now to wean myself off mine............

    MM x
  7. Mary Poppins

    Mary Poppins Gold Member

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    Omg Don't we all wish our lives were not ruled by scales!
    Last week I put on 7lb on my scales at home.Weighing myself first thing in the morning,naked,before drink and after loo visit,but got on my CDCs scales and I'd lost 6lbs.ITS CRAZY and it turns me from a sane woman(Well sort of) to this person bursting into tears every 5 minutes
  8. pigletpoo

    pigletpoo Member

    Thanks everyone. Tomorrow will tell....

    But I do weigh everymorning, nude, before water, after wee and always go by that weight... So I dont understand... And I drink loads of water, always have... So we'll see...

    Piglet x
  9. annie_d

    annie_d Silver Member

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    I really believe that not weighing yourself is the answer. Just go off how loose your clothes are. It's much simpler because it is just SO disheartening when the scales don't move or even worse go up. It's enough to make you give up.
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