weight gain on maintance?


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Hi everyone

Because I keep falling off the wagon on sole source and I have lost the majority of my weight now I have started the 790 plan. I aim to do it for a couple of weeks and move up the steps.

I have noticed that I have put on weight (not much) Is this normal when reintroducing food? and will it stabilise?

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Shrinking Nicky

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Hi Butterscotch, I assume you have stuck 100% to the plan (why else would you be questioning the gain), are you certain you stuck - were your portion sizes right?

I always say to people that during the steps through the plan you should continue to lose weight...if you imagine you are still only having a very reduced number of cal's you will lose weight, some of this you won't see as you will regain an element of your glycogen/water - so your week 1 week 2 weight loss should show up as lower.

Don't forget other factors will come into play such as TOM, if you had a big blow out just before you started on the 790 plan, if you have been doing a lot of excercise (ie converting fat to muscle - which weighs more).

Failing all that we sometimes just have weeks where our body does "funny" things. Stick at it & you will see the losses continue.

Good luck
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Hi butterscotch,

I have normally down 790 on the way down the steps back into SSing...I have not gone the other way as yet!

I have posted your question is mods and I am sure someone will come along and give you the answer to this.

I know of others who have done 780 instead of SSing and lost weight as it is still well below 800 and is considered very low calorie diet.

Love Mini xxx


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hmmmm, I didnt put on any weight during maintainence, could you be retaining water at all.

I only put on weight when i fell off and went tons over!