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Weight gain on week 3??


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I'm posting this for my daughter in law, she had her 3rd weigh in on Saturday just gone (she's on Lipotrim) and was told she'd gained 6lbs. She was absolutely devastated, the chemist guy said it might be because she is exercising, she's gained muscle, but 6lbs?!!! She was so upset all day. Has this happened to others? I really don't see how she can have gained weight! She has not cheated once. She said the chemists scales are pretty crappy so I'm thinking they might be wrong, or is that just wishful thinking?! She has carried on this week but I know it has really disheartened her, if she doesn't see a decent loss at her weigh in on Saturday I think she'll stop it....
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It's not as much as 6lbs, but I 'gained' 1 1/2lbs last week and was absolutely gutted- and a little pi**ed off tbh as I'd done LT 100%?
On my scales I'd lost a little, but it was the week before my totm and I normally retain 3-4lbs fluid that week, but on their scales I was 1 1/2lbs UP from the week before.
The pharmacist was talking out of his bum when he suggested it could be muscle (although he was probably trying to make her feel better?) Muscle weighs the same as fat- i.e. 1lb of muscle is the same weight as 1lb of fat obviously, but what people mean is you can look more 'defined' and skinny if you're muscly, but 'fatter' and bigger if you're just 'normal', if you know what I mean?

Is it possible she's retaining fluid? Maybe she's drinking more fluids than she should be? (maximum 4.5l?)

I'd better see that 1 1/2lbs gone this week or I'll be more than pi**ed off....


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Thanks for your reply, she is drinking a lot of water, every time I see her she has water bottle in hand! What is the maximum she should be drinking per day? I'll pass the info on to her! I'm just hoping she gets a decent loss this week to make up for it. it wasn't her time of the month so that can't be blamed.....


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6lb sounds an *awful* lot of water to be retaining. no wonder she's gutted, i'd be devastated too.

how are her movements? maybe worth having some fiberclear (whatever it's called, pharmacy will know), or the flapjacks. though 6lb still sounds a heck of a lot even if she IS having trouble down there.

My best wishes to her - please encourage her to stick with it. I just can't bekieve she gained that much so it must be a problem with the scales, it just has to be - you surely can't gain that much by sticking 100% to it?

Which brings me to... has she absolutely definitely positively been sticking to it 100%? i'm sure she has or she wouldn't be so upset but it's worth just gently asking (if you don't know already).


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She should be drinking 4.5l maximum (including black tea/coffee, excluding shake water) a day. She runs the risk of 'flushing' out the nutrients that the shakes are providing if she's having more than that?
TBH- I think my pharmacists scales were a little off last week (they're spring ones and I don't trust them at the best of times!)- they were set at 3lbs instead of zero and she had to adjust them before I got on (at my request- duh, like I wanted to be 3lbs heavier on top of my weight!!). Ah well..I'll see this week.
Subtly ask her if she's 'regular', that could be an issue, and make sure she's not drinking too much (a pint of water weighs 1.2lbs!)
If all that is okay, and she still gains, or doesn't lose, then I think you'll have to question if she's doing it 100%? I went through a phase of 'picking' at food, yet still lost each week (even with an underactive thyroid!), so if she still doesn't lose, there has to be something else going on that you don't know about?


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Yup i'd do the same - ask her to be completly honest with you if she has actually done the diet 100% cuz to be honest the most i have ever heard of someone gaining is 1.5lbs (sorry irishmum *mwah*) and 6lbs seems a very very extreme gain if she is doing the diet 100% ... regardless of whether she is going regulary or retaining fluid.

If she is doing it wholeheartedly i apologise in advance for being harsh but a 6lb gain is alot in one week - so really, you do have to question it.

Oh, and ducolax are a life saver when it comes to not being able to 'go' :) but be warned, youll only need one! :giggle:


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Tell her not to give up! I had put on 11lb after being on hol for a week, but lost 8lb 4 days later.
See what happens next week


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Thanks for the replies guys. She has totally stuck to it 100%, I know that for a fact. I should see her tonight so will mention about her maybe drinking too much water and also if she's going to the toilet okay too. She gets weighed again in the morning, I hope it shows a decent loss as I think she'll pack it all in if not. Will let you know how she goes on. Thanks!


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Well it could be the scales, I was devastated one week when they said I had only lost a pound, I know I had lost three cos mine are the same as the pharmacy, and another week they told me I had lost 6 pounds when I knew I had only lost two. I think sometimes if they have to convert they mis-calculate.

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