Weight gained or lost over christmas last year?


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Hi all, I had my last ww meeting last week and I don't have another until after new years. Wondering if anyone remembers any weight they lost or gained in this time. If Iwas good and lost 2pound a week I could go back nearly half a stone lighter! Do most put on weight though?
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every year i have put on around 7lbs, i've always enjoyed christmas way too much.

if i can lose this christmas then brilliant but i'd be happy enough with a sts.


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I too gained 7lb last year but I ate all the way through December. I was at my lowest weight in a good few years last week but know that I will gain at least 4lb over Xmas. I Heart rich food. However after all that indulging I'm craving healthy stuff by Jan! Good luck everyone. Xx


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I put weight on last year but my head wasn't in it then. In fact the only time I've lost weight over Christmas was when I was on WW a few years ago. So hopefully I will be ok this year, I've just hit 5 stone loss and my head is in the right place so I think its possible. Just making a few plan A's and a lot of plan B's. And making sure I have some treats in the house so I don't feel like I'm missing out. Good luck one and all xx

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I always gain around 7lbs over Christmas and New Year but that said that is without watching what I eat and drink - this is the only time of year I really let myself go so to speak!
Have a great Christmas and New Year!
Tina x


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I lost 4lbs that week last year


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I normally gain between 4-8 pounds but i really don't want to do that this year.

My normal class is closed next week but I am going to find another class to weigh in at and then get on back on plan next wednesday..... at least thats the idea :)