Weight gaining with EE! Help


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HI Everyone
I have been trying the extra easy plan all this week and after double checking a few times with my consultant, I am 99.9 % sure I am doing it right, but I keep gaining weight instead of losing!! My mum and sister both attend slimming world too and they have said the same.. that they dont seem to have lost and might have gained a few lbs were as I would go as far as to say Ive gained about 4lbs since my last weigh in . I havent touched a drop of alcohol or chocolate apart from a few syns worth. Next weigh in is Monday and I'm dreading it . Im no idiot and I've lost 6 & 1/2 stones with slimming world so far so I know the green /red plans inside out, and I know i probably shouldnt weigh myself at home but i always do and my scales are always almost spot on with slimming worlds :confused::confused:
Has anyone else experienced this ? Any replies would be much appreciated
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Oh god! I can see why you gain with EE but have only heard good reports from ladies on here?! Hmm...

I shall wait n see your results???


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oh how scary, i have just done 2 days ee and havnt weighed myself yet, could it just not be any leftover from xmas

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I am still debating wether or not to try EE and after reading your post Im still unsure! I hope that this is just your body adjusting to the change of plan. Fingers crossed for you and let us know how you get on.



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well i dont weigh myself here and i am not sure if i have gained or lost have been doing extra easy since thursday so will have to wait and see


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thanks for the replies ladies , I last weighed in last monday and put 5 lb on over Christmas, but I have been back on the plan since boxing day (was even good boxing day) and I am almost positive I haven thad any bad days since then so not sure if it could be from Christmas .. will see how it goes.. ive said i'll give it a full week but I am so worried im tempted to not continue with it but I have to see what I weigh at class on monday .
Would love to hear everyone elses losses on EE though

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Hmmm could af be due? or anything like that as i no i put on a few pounds around that time? maybe wait until monday and see what happens, weight fluctates day to day, so best of waiting and seeing what WI brings then if you've gained have a chat with your consultant.


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AF was last week so I cant even blame it on that!LOL . Come on ladies post your extra easy weight losses for me so I can feel a bit more trusting of it ..LOL


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Maybe people could post their menus of EE to get an idea of what might be working and what isn't? My main thing to be weary of with EE is the snacking on the free food, I try not to overdo it on good old red and green days too. Just 'cause it's free doesn't mean I can go mad and that's what's got me where I am in the first place, eating for something to do rather than 'cause I'm hungry lol. I'd find the EE a bit too new to be reassuring, since noone can really be a pro at it yet!

Do stick it out for the week if you want to though, if you have a gain it's just one week you can get over it :)


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Thanks hun ,
Today I had
breakfast : potatoes fried in fry light with egg and bacon and beans
dinner: went shopping so in a rush so I had a grapefruit , satsumas and an apple few bits of ham
tea: I made a chicken chasseur in slow cooker (chicken, pearl barley, onions carrots, mushrooms and chasseur mix (6 syns but only had about a 1/4 of it ) with mashed potato and peas, then low fat plain yogurt with frozen raspberries
skimmed milk in 4 cups of coffee
couple of chunks of chocolate 3 syns
1 hifi bar


breakfast: yogurt, banana
dinner : pasta n sauce
tea: chicken and veg curry(made with spices tinned tomatoes, curry paste about 5 syns worth, but again that was for the whole thing and had about a 1/4)
rice, yogurt and fruit
hifi bar
milk for coffee again
syns just on stock cube in curry and curry paste
few pcs fruit throughout the day
and couple of sweets from kids (3 syns)

so I think im doing it right .. arent I ? LOL



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From what I gather, that is EE lol it's possible you're not eating enough even depending on your portion sizes, prolly try and get more veg in there aswell - like add some mushrooms or broccoli in with the pastansauce. Would prolly go with more than yog and banana at breakfast but can understand sometimes in the morning it's hard to manage more, takes me about half an hour to get through a bowl of that with a HexB of granola lol

I've said before EE is very similar to WW Core (which I was doing previously) - it should work but the losses can be quite gradual, and sometimes you need to stick with it for two weeks before things settle down. Gargh, it's a minefield really as not every which way works works exactly the same for everyone does it lol trial and error is best :)


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Thanks hun
I am going to stick at it a while longer as Im just baffled as I know that it will have been trialled really well before release to the general public so it must work .. will let you know how i get on
Huge well done on your loss so far too , youre doing brilliantly!!


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Thanks hun - hoping 2009 is a good year for me weightloss wise, I'm past the two year mark now and there's been some pratting about gaining some back here and there lol

Good luck to you for this coming year aswell :)


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I reckon it's the change that has got your body worried. Quite often when they've changed a plan ( and I've done it quite a few times, both SW and WW's !!!!) it seemed to kybosh my weight losses for a couple of weeks. It seems that new starters lose straight away, but with the regular members it's not quite that simple.


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Oh wow, i was gonna try this EE plan out from 2mora but now im not so sure!
I hope your weigh in isnt as bad as you think, cant wait to see what happens.
Good luck


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I think it could be the changeover and your body is 'confused'
If you have written everything down take it to class and let your SWC look at it?


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I may be weigh off (lol) here but I thought that EE involved aiming for (although not mandatory) 1/2 plate of superfree? There doesn't seem to be a lot of superfree food on your menu at all apart from veg used in your recipes and bits of fruit. As I say though I'm a total novice with EE so please feel free to shout me down guys, would welcome the advice myself x


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I wonder if it would be the same whichever plan we tried this week.

It can take a few days for gains to show, so it could just be the fact that most of us have been off plan for a while.

I haven't weighed since I started EE on Friday, but will give it 2 weeks, before I make any judgement, just to get the Xmas excesses out of my system!!


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Hi Again ladies
thanks again for all the replies. I am really enjoying eating the extra easy way though to be honest so I hope it does work for me .. even if does take a while to start to show , you might be right about the christmas excess thing Lisa , I hope i'm not putting anyone off trying it though as I am sure it WILL work, maybe it will just take a week or 2 for my body to adjust to the new way of eating.. it's been deprived of red/ green foods on the same plate for quite some time now..LOL. I cant see me doing anything other than EE if it gives me good results as it has been super extra extra easy and extra extra tasty and filling too ... I don't feel like im on a diet at all !

today i had
breakfast: fried egg , baked beans , black coffee and a grapefruit
dinner: jacket potato with salad and quark mixed with HE A of blue cheese .2 satsumas
tea. beef stroganoff(made with packet mix, peppers, onions, mushrooms and a bit of pearl barley thrown in to thicken it)
rice & syn free chips( I highly recommend an actifry for syn free chips.. they are gorgeous!)

later while watching tv i will have a hifi bar, and maybe a yogurt.

would love to hear what everyone else eats too to give me some ideas


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hi Littlebottle
It does say for quicker weightloss on EE try to include 1/3 of your plate as superfree foods , I guess although theyre not actually seperate on a 1/3 of my plate , i would say that some of my meals contain a third superfree foods with the veg in the casseroles etc, or maybe this wouldnt count, not sure , will maybe ask my consultant about that.