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Weight in 5 - total failure

What a bad week - I have crashed out TFR, eaten food, :cry::(

Everything seems to have come together this week to stress me out - my dad has been diagnosed with cancer in three parts of him - my eldest son moved into his first house ( I did think I would miss him so much ) - I have visited 3 universities in the last week with my middle daughter ( I do not know where I am going to find the money to support her ) - business is not very good and not improving.

Sorry everyone, not eating was about the only stress I could fix buy eating something - failure!

OMG I have just read back the above Sorry

I have not put any lbs on so I guess not all is bad and I have promised myself I will start TFR again next Monday. I will...
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Hey come on Kev, you are sooo not a failure, just a human being like the rest of us!

Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate (literally? Hope not!) at the moment so when the going gets tough you've just done what we all do......turn to food for comfort......unfortunately it's not going to make life any easier.....

Can you not try and get back to 100% trf today? Don't leave it until Monday, you'll think 'oh bugger it, it's the weekend! ' and before you know it you will have gained, then you'll be even more pissed off with yourself and.....well you know the rest!

Come on Kev, we're right here with you! Xxxxxx
Kev...what you are going through is tough, but hang in there. By trying to focus on yourself will help everyone else around you too in an indirect way. Like Sandra said we are all human, it's natural to turn to something comforting at times like this. But you will only feel worse about yourself though if you keeping eating.....so hope you can get back on the TFR and you will be in better shape both mentally and physically to cope with with what life throws at you!! Chin up and embrace things day by day!!
Hi Kev
Sorry things aren't going ok in your personal life right now, but as Sandra and funkystrut have already said, eating is not the answer. Your family need you to be positive and full of energy at the moment to deal with everything and going back to eating badly will only make you feel worse and full of stodge. Why not get back on the wagon today and at least you won't have put any weight on, but if you stay eating till Monday, you could easily undo everything. Eating won't make everything go away.
Keep your chin up.
Sorry to hear about your dad and that you're having a rough time :(. But don't make yourself feel worse by beating yourself up about eating..like the others have said you're only human and have done sooo well up to now. You'll get back on track and continue to do well.
Hope you feel better soon :)
Oh Kev I'm sorry to read about your dad, I know it's very stressful and upsetting when you get news like that - My mum is currently waiting for a liver transplant (although it's quite a way off yet that she'll need one as her liver is coping ok on its own for now) it's still extremely stressful and upsetting when you get that news.

I don't know if it's of any use but perhaps you and your daughter could have a look at www.ucas.co.uk or www.direct.gov.uk they provide info and advice on what help may be available with university fees for your daughter if your unable to help her as much as you'd like, an extra website to try is www.thisismoney.co.uk/student-finance.

I'm currently studying with the Open University who are excellent, they provide all the materials you need, a tutor and support and are recognised just the same as any other uni plus can give grants etc for course fees (they've been able to pay for mine as well as provide a laptop for me too - but there are restrictions etc) and they cover a vast range of courses so maybe worth a look as it would save accomodation fees etc as she could study from home with exams being taken at local centres.

If your business has slowed down a little, I don't know if www.businesslink.gov.uk can help? they can provide free advice for fresh business ideas and possible new directions etc to take either an existing or new business in. Also www.RoyalMailSolutions.com are apparently quite good too, they can provide a pack tailored to you and your business or perhaps google free business advice/ help.

As has already been said though i hope that everything gets a little better soon and that your dad is ok. Eating isn't really going to be the answer, you'll only end up feeling worse because you've broken your diet (and potentially gained) and it wouldn't have solved any of your problems, But at the end of the day do whats right for you at this moment we're always here!.

Hang in there and take care.


Will be thin god dammit!!
Chin up Kev - hopefully things will get better for you.
Its just a small blip in your journey and im sure you'll find the strength to hop back on the LT wagon x x x
One bad week out of the rest of your life is not too much of a disaster Kevin...
You are coping with a hell of a lot at the moment, and you have done what we all do at times, messed up...
You have done really well so far so please don't put any extra pressure on yourself-you neither need it nor deserve it...
I am confident you will get back to 100% and will continue to succeed.
Good luck hun.. We are all rooting for you x x
Hey KEVIN!!, you are my inspiration LOL! dont let me down,

hope your dad gets better, sure he will, regarding your daughter, she'll get more than enough from student finance loans and grants so chill.
Thanks Everyone

I nearly did not post anything and I am so pleased I did as your encouragement is so good. My family is not much help at the moment as their focus is as it should be on my Dad.

I know every thing will sort itself out in the end for good or bad so worrying about it will not help, but that doesn't stop me worrying though :eek:

I have not been eating a lot and my weight is not going up, just not going down so not to bad.

Thank you
Hey Kev, Dont beat yourself up its a small blip. You have so so much going on and well I wud be the same. You have been doing so great try and get bk on track.


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