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Weight is going back on aaghhh!!!1


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Hi all,
Ive been on LT for a few months now and had a total loss of 50lb. I went to maintainance before i reached my target because i had a family holiday booked, and if im truthful i didnt follow all the rules (but hey, it was my holidays).

Anyway, i can feel the weigh creeping back up already. I havent gone near a weighing scales to confirm it cause i think i would just cry!!!! So today, ive started back on the TFR. Im going to give myself about 10 days and then i will go to the chemist to be weighed - thats when my shakes will be all gone.

I think that re-starting the diet is going to be harder this time around. Also, people are telling me that im fine the way i am but im not happy with my weight yet and am freaking out a bit about putting it back up.

Anyone know is it easier second time around?
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good for you for taking action straight away, the old you would never have reacted to a slight weight gain (which i'm sure it is only slight)
by going on TFR you will most defo get the lbs off.

xx Cathy xx

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I had to come off LT for family social dos for about 3 weeks. A bit of weight came back on but I think that was mainly water as i didnt drink as much as i should. But coming back on LT was much easier than I thought it would be. I think it depends how badly you want to be on it, which I did and you sound like you do too.


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Well done for getting back down to it. It's so easy to keep putting off a re-start and before you know it you have a lot more to lose than originally thought. Best to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand hun x x x


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Oh Dolly, I can here a Laoise accent in your thread. I think you don't give yourself enough credit. I bet you are georgous and if you had a sister she would be equally georgous.
Remember.... 50lbs is amazing. Thats the weight of a full bag of coal. You deserved a holiday and now you are back you are doing the right thing....fair play to ya.
Keep up the good work sis.

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I agree with Teg (although I had to look up the word Laoise LOL), you've done really well to get this far, and I bet you do look good as you are, 50lb is a considerable amount to lose!

I'm confident you'll be fine on your restart, you might only have to do it for a little while to get where you want to be,
Best of luck,

What does Laoise mean? lol x
Is it not Irish for Louise and means radiant girl ???
What is TFR? well done you for going back on that is what i want to be like act before going back up.
Well doen you
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if you dont ask youll never know xx


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Lads Laois is a county in the very centre of Ireland where myself and Dolly grew up. Sorry about the confusion. Its bog land.

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Laoise is my third childs name. Its the galeic (irish lang) for co. Laoise. I didn't know it had anything to do with Louise. But thats a lovely name too. :rolleyes:


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Thanks. Must get her a wall plaque


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Well done hun for getting back on the wagon at least next time you start to eat you will have learned a good lesson xx


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Good luck on your restart...hopefully you wont be on LT for long xxx