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weight loss and bmi question

i had a sneaky look on the scales this morning and im 3/4 pound down from yesterday - is this possible in one day or are my scales wrong?? they are digital WW and brand new in same place everytime i weigh!

also, according to the bmi calculator on the slim fast web site, i could go down to 7 stone and up to 9 stone 2 lbs and still be in the healthy weight range (that shows how small i am lol!). at the moment i am in between (but have been over in the past) do u guys think that i should aim for the lowest? im not sure where to set my target. ive never been 7 stone before and im not sure if id look too skinny - ive never even been 7 1/2 before either! i still want to look feminine and curvey, just more shapely and toned than i am now. where do u think i should set a realistic goal?
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I have been sleeping the best I ever have in the last few weeks. I wondered if it was because I am drinking less coffee and a lot less wine. I am not too bad during the day but I have always been the sort of person who could do with an afternoon rest.
I am looking forward to being old so I can legitimately have one every day.

Re BMI, the one on the slim fast site recomends that I get down to a weight I last was at about 15, so I am taking it with a pinch of salt. I am nearly 47 and have had three children so think that below 10 stone is completely unrealistic.:8855:
I just want to be able to wear size 12 comfortably with perhaps the odd sneaky size 10 to make me feel really good.

I would go with what you feel makes you look the best.
thanks lucyjo, i think i am going to stick with my original target for now, if i get there and feel i could still do with losing afew pounds i might carry on but i would rather be slim and curvey than really skinny. to be honest i dont think i could even get to the lowest they recommend, im sure my bones and muscles must weigh more than that!!! :8855:

re tiredness, im thinking it may be lack of carbs/sugar as i am also getting bad headaches. i think im going to go back to having cereal in the mornings next week and slimfast for lunch to see if that helps, at least with special K i wont be adding kcals.
Healthy weight bmi calculator

Try this link, its a nhs calculator. My bmi is 24.2... I'm finally no longer "overweight" lol.

I was feeling very sleepy and cold recently and have switched to weight watchers. I feel much better but can't work as hard at the gym for some reason?! My weight loss was slowing down on SF lately, but this week I started WW and lost 2.25 lb!!

And yes ur weight can fluctuate from day to day, so a sneaky peaky at the scales before ur weigh day isn't very accurate lol! I just weigh myself once the same time each week so I don't get too panicky that Im not losing anyhting or too overjoyed that Ive lost more than I actually have lol


What doesn't kill me.....
I'm always tired but I'm a single mommy to a rambunctious 2 year old :8855:

As far as weight goals, I really think it depends on your frame as well. I know people have over abused the whole big bones thing, but some people are petite and some have a large frame. I think for my height, "they" say I'm supposed to be like 145 lbs. Would never happen! Thanks to my father, I have a large frame. Not even a normal frame, a large one! lol. So I could never be on the low end of what they consider a healthy weight for my height.

Go for what looks good. Numbers on a chart can never replace what your body says is healthy.

thanks for the advice sacha and LR. i have decided that im not going to weigh in again untill friday, that way i will have a better idea of what i have lost. im going to stick with SF for a while and see how it goes, but i think the main thing is the way it makes you think, coz there are plenty of normal things to eat out there with the same cals, but at least with SF it doesnt give u a choice so u can get into good habits before u get back in to normal food. for example, my OH likes to have a bowl of cereal in the eve b4 bed, usually i would have joined him, but now i think - wait, thats another 200+ cals for no reason! so im thinking alot more sensibly about food.

LR, i think u are right. i am a small framed person (although i never realised this until i lost a lot of weight after school), but even so, i would rather look healthy than stick thin so will stick with my current target for now. thanks guys!


What doesn't kill me.....
for example, my OH likes to have a bowl of cereal in the eve b4 bed, usually i would have joined him, but now i think - wait, thats another 200+ cals for no reason! so im thinking alot more sensibly about food.

Yea it can be hard sometimes to either break a habit, or to eat for unknown reasons.

I walked into Wawa yesterday (which is a VERY popular convenience store chain in this area) and my intention was to get some water, some juice for my daughter and some gum for my mom. I went over to the drink section and out of pure habit, I picked up an orange soda! It was like
:confused: what did I pick this up for?! I haven't drank soda in three weeks, but the habit is obviously still ingrained in me. I think they say it takes 45 days to break a habit.

I also have to stop and think... "Am I really hungry? Or just bored?" Sometimes when a friend or OH is having something that looks yummy, it's hard to resist. But by stopping and assessing the situation, you'll do right. If you are hungry, go ahead.. but if you aren't.. find something else to do.

I also find that if I eat before bed.. I wake up completely starving. What's that about?! lol!

Have an apple rather than a bowl of cereal! Or a cuppa!

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