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weight loss and the food stages

Hi I have done the plans and think they are an important part of this kind of diet .
I lost weight all through the plans it did slow down as I got to a level that suited my 5 ft 9 .first few weeks lost a similar aamount to been on ss then It was 2lb to 1 lb a week similar to ww or sw .Do think sticking to the plan helps you not to go food crazy all in one go it also helps with portion control .I still keep the scales close so I can check every now and then that my eye is still keeping my portions realistic but most of the time I can now guess to within an oz by looking .Other things I find important are not to let myself get hungry or I find myself binging out of control ,I also need more to eat at night so I save more calories for after work so I can watch tv and have a few snacks .Use the plans to sort out what triggers you and get a routine sorted to help combat the times or situations that my cause you a problem.
One thing is certain about any diet if you dont learn to control your eating or change what your eating or how you think about food or if you are like me all 3 then you will be back on a diet in a very short time ,so use the time to sort all issues out then hopefully we wont have to be on a diet for the rest of our lives .Hope this helped a bit just my opinion on my diet really but so far it is working for me lol xx


Loves being slim!
I'm currently on 810 and going to 1000 next week and so far still losing around 2lbs consistantly. (I don't lose weight easily so 2lbs is ideal for me.) I'm pretty much at goal as well.

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