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Weight loss - but no centimetres

It'll come, stick with it x
i think it's fairly normal to only measure every four weeks, because it's not as regular a loss as weight. even then, after my eight-week weigh in, i'd put half an inch on my waist from week 4.


this time - the last time
Claudia84 said:
Iv lost 4st 2lbs and only lost 9inches off my waist :-/ it seems to b going everywhere else x
"only" 9 inches? Thats 4.5 dress sizes!!
Um, no it's not. I've also lost nearly 4stone and 9 inches off my waist and i've only gone down one dress size.
I have lost 21 lbs and the new trousers I had before I started which wouldn't fasten by an inch, STILL won't fasten by an inch.

I think it's come off my face and my legs but not my waist!
i do get measured everywhere and it's coming off all over but i'm very apple shaped and it needs to come off my waist far more than anywhere else but it's coming off evenly so i'm still out of proportion!
My CDC said it may be due to TOTM, but it never is my TOTM until I take pills for it to be

Any advice?

Be warned this diet messes up TOTM, even on the pill it messed my cycle up:eek:

The centimetres will come off so hang in there and well done on the 4lbs:D
Thanks all for your advice xx

My CDC measures arms, thighs, waist, bust and buttocks, I have lost nearly 3 stone but I dont she a huge change in my clothing / size.

In the 7 weeks I have been on CD I have always lost cm's all over and I was a bit shocked I didnt lose any thing time!
Ooh, i am now just about fitting in size 14s so i have actually come down 2 dress sizes now!
ooooh today those trousers which wouldn't fasten, suddenly fasten. lol still can't sit down in them so no wearing them yet but at least the cms have started to move!

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