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Weight loss but not in ketosis?.........

I've lost 13lbs in the last week on exante but when I've done a ketostik I'm not in ketosis? Also, I know I shouldn't havedone but I've had a sneeky peek on the scales and this is day 3 of my 2nd week and I'm only a pound down??? Am I doing something wrong? I've not eaten a THING, stuck to it rigidly so can't understand what I'm seeing???? Any clues :lost: xxx
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Don't worry too much hun if ur sticking with it u will lose weight wether u are in ketosis or not xx

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Thanks babystar, that's what I thought but then to only have lost a pound in the last 3 days? I cold have done that just eating healthily! lol
I know Hun but if u had waited til ur official weigh in and seen a loss of 3lbs would u be happy with that? Cos I bet on weigh day you'll have at least that. Chin up hun xx

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Yeah I know! My fault for being impatient! Think I will just now wait until Friday. I would be over the moon with a 3lb loss! lol How are you doing? Finding it difficult or OK? I've found it surprisingly easy as I thought I was really going to struggle but I haven't. Mind you, I think the vision of me in my wedding dress overpowers the vision of me sitting there eating maccy d's and choccie cake! xx
I'm a serial weigher too so know the disappointment too well but I'm trying to only weigh once a week now. I'm finding it ok. Restarted TS today again after a slip up but I'm in the zone lol. It's so hard sometimes tho eh? Xx

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TBH I haven't found it that hard but I think I'm SO motivated by my wedding dress that it's all I can see! LOL


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It could also play on not drinking enough water as you must drink 2 - 3 litres of water a day oh caffeinated can also sometimes not help (my GP told me this last year). But you will always have good weeks and bad weeks but it's always a good thing as a loss is a loss in weight
Thanks Chiku :) I drink 4 litres of water everyday without fail! Maybe it's just a small week this week, having said all this, I did only do my official WI on Friday! lol I think I'vejust beenspoilt by my big loss last week! xx


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Hi BouncyBride
I remember when I was on tfr Lipotrim there was one week where I only lost about 3 or 4 lbs but it's weight off at the end of the day. Just stick with it (unless you get told to like I was by GP due my meds being changed) xx

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You're both absolutely right folks, weight off is weight off and I'm sure I will have lost a bit more by Friday! Yep, it will SO be worth it on my wedding day! I'm not even thinking about giving up, just a bit impatient! lol x

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