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Weight loss difference SS & SS+

hi everyone,

I have been on SS for 7 days now with 3 stone to loose. I was toying with the idea of changing to SS+ as I do miss having some kind of solid food and would like to possibly start doing some exercise (even if its a class or two a week) has anyone who has switched found that it affected there weekly weightloss that they has with SS?

Also is is possible to do SS+ just for weekends and go back to just SS mon-frid?


x Miss P
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Hi ya :)

I chopped and changed my way through ss and ss+ at the start with good loses

You can't excersise though on ss+ you not taking in enough calories :)

I lost 14 pounds a month on ss+ on average x
Thanks for the advice, glad to hear it didnt affect your weight loss. I will restrain myself from exercise then if its still too low cal. But it does seem quite appealling to be able to switch from SS to SS+


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You can exercise on SS, just depends on which kind of exercise.

Resistance is highly recommended as it will help retain any lean loss.

Walking to the shops, taking the stair instead of the lift at work etc, having a little dance every so often :D A swim. Walk to the jacuzzi :D

Just don't go wild on the treadmill or decide a it's time to do a marathon.
Thanks KD, i see you are a consultant so in your opinion..is it possible to switch and change from SS and SS+? i would like the flexibilty to have a small protien meal occasionally? Especially if I have gone to the gym.
cheers Miss P


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How about considering going up to 810. There was a thread here last week that commented that the difference between 810 and SS was about half a pound a week (minimal anyway) in weight loss (I think it may have been KD who said it).

A friend of mine does 810 and she has great losses and goes to the gym about 4 times a week.
Thanks Chloe, I may consider going up but I was keen to stay in Ketosis. I noticed that you SS during the week and SS+ at weekends. How do you find that works for you?

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