Weight Loss/ Gastric Band


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I expect people who have had gastric band op also go through phases where their weight loss stalls as well. I dont really buy into the starvation mode theory very much, undoubtably it will have a knock on effect on metabolism, but if you eat very little you will lose weight. It may not be the same regular amount each day or week, ive been dieting long enough to understand the foibles of weight loss to know that its hard to predict how much you will lose, or how regularly.

I do however really buy into the set point theory, as it seems to fit. Your body has a natural weight set point, when you go below that your body will try to recover the weight lost and may stall for a while. Keep going and the body readjusts itself, and you start losing weight again. It happens to me on a regular basis, and is part of the ups and downs of weight loss.


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They DO go into starvation mode - ketosis!

The difference is that a person eating next to nothing cannot do that long term so at some point, they begin to eat like they used to & pile the weight back on and more whereas a person with a gastric band cannot physically eat more so are forced to eat very little long term...

The best thing for you to do is google it and read everything you can about ketosis, gastric bands & VLCD


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I have that problem... Always seem to go stupid at the start and then give up! However, it is a balance between being really strict at the beginning and not making enough progress - I get really demotivated if I don't see good results early on! I'm a nightmare really! Perhaps a gastric band is thye way forward for me?!