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weight loss(hopefully not gain) diary

Ok so day 1 today so far i have had

Breakfast: Cheerios and milk. Cup o tea. (4pts)

Lunch: wafer thin chicken on brown sandwich. 2 petit filous. (5pts)

Snack: sugar free jelly (Free :) )

I have also done a 22 min programme on the wii fit mainly yoga!

My boyfriend however just came in with m&s fajita kit for dinner and i'm scared to look as i know it will be so high in points but will also taste amazing! hmmmm.. what to do???

Going to update as often as i can and look forward to hearing from anyone who has any pointers for me

:) xxxxxxxxxxxx
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My boyfriend and I love making fajita's aswell! I don't think there too bad, I like the crispy chicken ones that you have salad with. I think there 185 cals per fajita but i'm not sure how many points that is! Stick to one or two and I'm sure it wont be that many!
He bought me a whole pack to myself kindof like a ready meal! Just pointed it and it is 12.5 points and i have 14 points left today so they should be ok :) feels bad eating them tho as its a lot for one meal!

We just done 1/2 hour of just dance on the wii and i done 10 mins on the stepper too so should be ok??? I hope :) xxx
Well i just had my fajitas and they were absolutely yummy! I did not take the sour cream so i hope that shaves a bit off! I know its bad but i think i will be hurgry before bed and have very few points to play with hmmmm.....jelly again lol xxx
Update on tuesday

Breakfast: cheerios and milk & a cup o tea (4)

Lunch : banana, wafer thin ham on brown (5)

thats it so far!

Benn swimming and done 40 lengths so pleased with myself and feeling really good today!!! yey xxx
Today i got up early and went for a swim! Was really good if a little annoying because of the amount of oap's there! ha ha :)

Breakfast: banana. 2 weetabix & milk. Smoothie (6)

Thats it so far!!!!! Feeling good today :) hows everyone else doing?? xxx
Thanks paradiselola :)

I always forget to update this for dinner oops
well yest i had spag bol at my mum n dads and it was yummy and i have no idea how many points it was :( Hoping not too many but i went swimming so shouldnt be too bad!

Today i have been feelign quite down for no real reason but i managed to avoid comfort eating by doing lots of much needed housework ha ha

B: 2 weetabix & milk (4)
L: Chicken breast & cheese wraps (9)
Snack : Jelly (free)

No dinner yet not feeling too great sp prob just soem cheerios or something small :)

To be honest my change in diet is playing havoc with my IBS :( I know its not a plesant subject but has anyone else suffered with tummy problems from thier diet changes??
well nobody seems to be reading my diary or posting back :( oh well!

Fell well and truely off the wagon today was helping a friend move house and she bought me a macdonalds to say thanks without telling me and i couldnt say no! itd be too rude! :(

Baddddddd day :(

Working lots tomorrow and sunday so wnt have much time for eating! Fingers crossed it balances out xxxxxx
I read your diary! I also ate something I shouldn't have yesterday, but today's a new day so forget about yesterday and start thinking postivie today. One day is not going to matter in the long run, so you can easily get back on track. A little treat now and again is good for you and your weight loss :)
hey thanks paradiselola, I plan to weigh in on a monday i think what about u?

Had a not bad day today working 11-8. have 7 points left and dont know what to have for dinner cos its too bloody late to be eating xxx
well i only lost 1lb this week :( not really the great start i was hoping for but i only have myself to blame! :(

realised last night that i am only 1 bmi point off being morbidly obese :( and i am sooo disgusted with myself! makes that smalll loss even more disappointing ...........
1lb loss is GOOD! It's better than putting on a 1lb! A small loss is better than no loss. Plus it's healthier and safer to loose 1-2lbs per week. You don't have to worry about going up in BMI and being morbidly obese because your going to go down in weight not up if you carry on what you've been doing!
Thanks paradiselola i know i shouldnt complain it is still a loss! :)

B: Readybrek & cup o tea (4)
L :baked pot, cheese and spag hoops, jelly&custard (10)


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hey csg (i refuse to call you full name as you CAN stop)
A pound is a pound and you made that happen we all want the big losses and instant results. But trust me when you reach your goal weight you will know you done it the right and healthy way. You will have worked for your slim body and thats what matters. So wayhay you LOST weight so well done you
hey tweeza thanks for the pep talk lol! I am pleased i lost just wish it was quicker :)

Wed menu

B: conflakes, raisins and milk(4)
L: mandarins, pineapple sticks and a mini milk (2.5)
D: Plan to have souvlaki chicken breast (4) Cheese (2) Wrap (3) potato wedges (3) roasted peppers (1/2 point for oil )

Excersize : swimming 1hr

Good day now off to make that yummy dinner for me and my lovely boyfrind :) :)
Just bought holiday clothes and am extremely depressed that even a size 20 is tight :( :( this is the biggest ive ever been !!!!! :(
stayed the same this week :(