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Weight loss journal!!

Okay so I start the Cambridge Diet today. Never done it before, have tried to diet previously, but I've always done it on my own...and failed. Quite miserably.
So, I WILL lose at least 3 stone by February. Ideally 3 and a half stone. I'm currently 5'8 and 170lbs. My goal is 120lbs. A glorious 8 and a half stone. And a size 8ish I think.
Will probably be posting in here a lot, as I've already - about three times today and its only two o'clock - thought "hmmm....bored. go down to the kitchen and get food" before I realised what I was doing and stopped. But thankfully I have my OH who I have already instructed to not let me have any food whatsoever, no matter how hungry I am or how much I beg.
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Wishing you lots and lots of luck on the Cambridge diet its very very workable and WORKS!

Isnt that a very low bmi to be aiming for? :) Take each 7 pounds at a time...and make them workable goals rather than see the big final end lol

All the best!
Hi Walkercrisp, Good luck I officially start today too and aiming for around 126lbs....
Thanks, how you finding your first day?
Are you sole sourc-ing all the way?
Hi there walkers, wishing u luck with ur journey, i thought however that a healthy bmi was between 20-25 and that once ur bmi falls below the lower limited u werent allow to continue with the diet< Correct me if im wrong as i can be pretty dizzy at times!!!!

thisisit120lbs - i'm sole sourcing till i get down to a bmi of 25, then starting to introduce food :) how are you finding it?

jules75 - apparently you're right, lol, i just went to see my CDC and she said she has to make sure i'm at a healthy weight and anything below 20 is considered unhealthy on the CD. But otherwise a BMI of 18.5 is healthy. So its unhealthy on the CD and healthy off it, lol. So I'm aiming for a BMI of 21 now, best change the stats, lol.
Hi there walkers!!! Im finding it ok, must say its tough at times though!! Im ss ing during the week and weekends if i find it too hard going im guna ss+, The diet is brilliant and the results are amazing, the first few days are the worst, if u can get through them ya laughing!!

I lost quite a bit the last time on c.d, 35lb in about 8 weeks, unfortunately i didnt work up the plans ( thought i could go it alone ) and thats why im back, although not as heavy as before, Ive lost 7lbs in my fisrt week!!!

good luck new starters! so far am loving CD (althought have got the friday night feeling tonight and am resisting wine...! am only human). I have lost 1 stone and half a pound in 26 days and I have not struggled half as much as I thought i would. Think others (those who know about me doing it) are struggling with me not eating more than me! we are a nation of feeders! you can do it!!
Good Luck to walkerscrisps and thisisit120lbs

Welcome and best wishes for that wonderful first week weigh-in, it makes the temptations and difficulties encountered at the beginning totally worth it x
thanks blingbabe...this girls on a mission to look hot for the new year! LOL...Will starting posting more messages and promise to communicate with all you lovely people who are on cd...x
thisisit120lbs - ooh, I like that statement, I shall be on a mission too, I want to look absolutely fabulous for the best ever NY!

walkerscrisps - not sure about that one, I live on my own so there is no food here, even a box of chocs and a bottle of wine (a gift for me given a couple of days after I started CD - from an elderly relative that didn't know my diet plans) is being kept at a local friend's place because I cannot be trusted.
I would be interested in hearing the advice for this one!

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