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Weight loss, kidney pains and number 2s

Hi there

Been on a meal replacement plan for 8 days now

Having tried slimfast and ww in the past I think Ive finally found something that works for me and its such a relief

The first 5 days were tough , craving food,self doubt, hunger pains and headaches

but after that its been much easier , I wasnt going to weigh myself for 3 weeks but couldnt resisit it and Ive lost 12lb in 8 days so Im thrilled and its really spurred me on to keep this up for the long haul

So thats the positive

The last few days Ive been getting kidney pain , I put it down to not enough waer , I forget to drink it Doh !!!?!

The pains are usually in the second half of the day

but having read a thread on here Im wondering if its my lack of number 2s that is causing the pain , I hadnt really noticed but havnt been for 6 days , I dont have any stomache ache and dont feel bloated so it didnt really occure to me

Could I be damaging my kidneys or do I just need a poo ? lol

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You need to drink more - your bowel absorbs water to make the poos if you don't drink enough everything slows down.

Also VLCD means not a lot of food going I'm so not much will come out. If you are having trouble though try psyllium husk capsules. I swear by them and if I feel sluggish in that department I take them for a few days.

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I had terrible trouble with Number 2s when I did LT last time and the notes that I wrote at the time said that I had a pain under my right rib that I hadn't had when I started the diet. At the time I didn't know how to deal with it so left it for a couple of weeks by which time I was in complete agony when I finally went (TMO!) and agony every time I went after that. This time round I'm using senna every 3 days to keep things moving along as don't want to end up like I was last time. The pharmacist I went to for LT last time was a bit rubbish. She never mentioned Ketosis and I didn't found out anything about that or anything else until I read things on the internet. It was a case of being weighed and handing over the cheque and not much else. I can do all of that myself in the comfort of my own home!

Some people use Dulcolax but it made me feel really rubbish and I ended up taking myself off to bed as I felt sick for a couple of hours. I am trying Dulcoease this time to see if it makes a difference.
Thanks Im trying to drink more water for the kidney pains

Ive been having a little bit of food in the evenings , oily fish and brocolli and Ive been no2 now twice lol

obviously its slowed my weight loss right down by eating, only 2lb this week compared to 12 last week (I did weigh myself this morning even though I said I wouldnt ) but its still a loss and Im more prepared now , so will try to be 100% for the next week and will drink lots and get something like senna from the chemist


Feeling great in 2012!
That's still a whole stone in 2 weeks! Fab! I'm down to 17 0.2 (love the fractions of a lb my scales show as they record even a tiny loss!). :) Hoping to be 'in the 16s' by weekly WI on Wed.

Obviously introducing food will affect weight loss as you've found. Probably better to get back to 100% if you can until you start refeeding. Good luck!
yeah sounds like more water could certainly help I know I struggle to hit 2ltr a day but i think its supposed to be important to have more than 2ltrs
Does the pain under the right rib radiate through to your back? The back of your right shoulder? I had that and was diagnosed with gallstones. I had severe pain and my doc sent me for a scan which confirmed the gallstones. I was told to stop eating fried or oily food and cut back on fats.

You need this pain checked out ASAP, regardless. Don't just soldier on x


Feeling great in 2012!
I doesn't really radiate to my back to be honest and this time round it hasn't been constant and it's not really that bad; more of a dull ache. I think that I do have gallstones as pre diet I would have some of the classic 'attacks' (nausea, pain, always during the night or early hours of the morning) off and on but nothing really regular and mostly I could eat 'trigger' foods with no ill effects but then sometimes it got me.

If it happens post this diet I will go to the docs I think.

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