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Weight Loss Resources Website


a new way of living!
Hi all,

I have loved minimins since I started Lipotrim a few years ago, then moved to weight watchers, then slimming world, then I started a thread on the Beck Diet Solution (see bring your head inside and your body will follow), and then after years of gaining and losing and gaining weight, I decided last month to start counting calories, mainly because I thought i knew better than the slimming clubs, i.e. it is better to eat 100 cals of the healthy fat from an avocodo, than 100 cals of nutritionally empty sugar loaded 'diet' low fat yoghurt. but you have to count syns of points for the avocodo, that contributes to your nutritional needs, and the yoghurt might, if you are luckly, give you a bit of calcium.

so I decided to start eating what I knew was healthy, stopped eating what I was told was 'diet' food, and started counting calories.

I dreaded this to be honest, as its a pain, however, I found the holy grail of calorie counting!

it is weight loss resources website (.co.uk) and there is a free 24hr trial (no credit card registration needed, it really is a free trial) and i tried it and loved it and now pay a bit every month for it (if you pay for several months upfront, it is cheaper).

I love it so much I could sell it! lol although I do get a gold star if I can prove someone joined by my recommendation and I can spend the stars in the shop.

I wanted to share this with you all, just because I love it so much, I also found a diet buddy on there and we really help each other, I have lost over half a stone since the 12th Jan! A record for me!

Does anyone use this site? there is a forum on their but it doesn't email you when someone replies to a post so I prefer minimins, :O)

Hope it helps someone, espec as you can try it for free first.
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i did the 24hr trial at the wknd, and i have to say i did love it! but the down side is the charges because there are sites that do simular that are free, so thats why i wouldnt join with a subscription charge :-(


a new way of living!
oooh, which are the free ones :O) I'd give that a go. does it do the reports and stuff? and save the details so you can look back over them?

are there as many articles on there?

I even contacted the nutritionalists (about a medical condition I have) not through the help team but contacted them direct, and I got a great reply that has realy helped. :O)

I have a buddy on there too, and we can see each others daily calorie usage, its optional to show it to them of course, but really helps suport them when you know how they are doing.

the forum is not as user friendly as this one.

please add the details of the free ones though, or you can PM me.

:O) thanks
yeah there is heaps of stuff on there, my fav is food focus :)
yay!!! glad u like it :) iv used it for a while and certainly have no complaints about it and its straight forward to use...and free!! :) x

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