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Weight Loss Resources


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Anyone else doing this? After a few teething troubles, as in me being a total dimwit trying to use the site, I have now got my daughter to do the food diary for me, and I am amazed at just how much I was over eating!!:eek:Well, the last few days have opened my eyes! Before I joined WLR, I thought I was eating quite sensibly, but now I am counting the calories I can see why I just could not get to under 11 and half stone. I would have say, a cheese salad thinking it's barely any calories, and put loads of cheese in, I can't believe the calories in even a little bit of cheese! Then I would think 'well, a few biscuits with my tea won't hurt' so of course I would then eat 4 or 5, thinking it's ok 'cos I just had a cheese salad for lunch which is barely any calories. How wrong is that, I was badly under estimating calories, all over the place!
Just keeping a food diary for a few days, I can see where I was going so wrong now.
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Weight loss resources is great - I use it every day and it stops me hiding from what I am eating - (if you know what I mean!!)

One tip though - must weigh things - especially high density stuff like cheese (sadly!)

Good luck

I joined Weight loss resources this week too.

I know what you mean, I can't believe how much I was overeating, even whilst being on Weight Watchers etc. Feel really good about this 'simple' diet! As you say, it's now so easy to see where you go wrong!

Good luck! :)
I use Nutracheck which is the same kind of thing and yes, before I would eat lots of rice and pasta because I thought it was good for me...yes maybe in small quantities but not the way I was piling it on my plate!! LMAO!!

I weigh everything now, even jam for my rice cake.
OH laughed at me the other day when I was measuring out rice, I went over by a few grams and I was putting 4 grains of rice back at a time PMSL.


A little of everything!
PMSL!! Doesn't he know that each grain adds up??? Men eh? ;P
I was like that at the start too, but have tried to wean myself off the scales to see if I can judge what a 'proper' portion is by looking at it? I don't want to become a slave to the scales the way I was a slave to food! I use foodfocus to log my food- I find it helps me keep track a lot easier of what I actually put into my mouth!, I overate by loads on WW too- the 'free' foods aren't 'free' when you eats mountains of it! LOL!

I'm not going to use the scales for my cereal anymore now, I know how far up the bowl to go now LOL.

I actually measured out coleslaw just now, put my Ryvita with ham on the scales and put 15g of coleslaw on LOL. I think I'm getting obsessed with weighing now but I don't care :p


A little of everything!

I'm not going to use the scales for my cereal anymore now, I know how far up the bowl to go now LOL.

Thats what I mean! When you know what a portion 'looks' like then you're on the way to eating 'normally'? If you know what I mean? My portions used to be ridiculous- I was eating the same as my 15st 6"2 hubby who does manual labour all day long, and wondering why I was fat! LOL!

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