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ProPoints Weight loss stopped!!

Hi all

I lost so well on my first few weeks on ww and then for 2 weeks the scales havent budged, in fact it looks like iv put 1lb back on! I'm not doing anything differently, ive looked back over my food diaries and I'm eating the same kind of things..I'm just a bit stuck!

I still feel motivated to follow the plan, but I was hoping to get to abit further down the line before I encountered problems!

Any ideas? x x
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Serial Foodie!
do you think that it might be because you are eating the same kind of things? prehaps try shaking it up a bit and shocking your body in to action :) i dont know what your activity levels are like but maybe try getting more or different exercise this week too. theres lots of good ideas and im sure someone else will think of something thats worked for them to tell you about xxx
Our bodies naturally plateau sometimes and as karen said shaking it up can be what you need .Try some different foods this week . You will start to loose again dont worry .This happens to everyone at some stage and you just have to persevere through it. Hang in there girl ,you know you are doing the right things .It will show on that dratting scales soon:D:D
Thanks for your reply ladies - much appreciated :)

When I say I'm eating the same things - i don't mean exactly the same. i do mix it up a bit! lol! what i mean is i wasn't using my points on all healthy foods at first and now use them on pizza etc - I've generally eaten well and dropped in a bit of chocolate, cake etc as well.

I think you're probably onto something with the activity levels though as to be honest they are fairly pathetic...I just don't enjoy exercise or seem to be good at putting it into my routine. I know it's all just poor excuses but I don't do it! Do either of you do much exercise? And did you find it hard to introduce it into your routine? It would be nice to get some tips!

I also wonder about weekly points, I was using every last one at first - but I wonder whether I should cut them down a little now that the weight loss is stopping, maybe give myself 39 instead of 49?

Im determined that this weight will come off and I really believe that ww is a great plan and suits my routine so well - I just need to kick start my weight loss again!!

Thanks again :)
Hi sorry to hear you are finding it difficult these past few weeks, you'll get your mojo back..don't worry. Sometimes to kick start things I'll cut a few things out for a week like bread or pasta etc? I'll maybe do a week of not eating after 7pm, just changing one simple thing is often enough to shake things up. The other thing that tends to work is to really up the amount of water you are drinking, it'll help too. Good luck for this week x


Serial Foodie!
i used to execise LOADS! most weeks I would do 8 classes (body-jam/aquafit/spinning) at the gym with swimming on top. I completely stopped after a little car accident and have never gotten the fit-bug back lol. I have to say though... if you just throw yourself into and with wild abandon, you start to really crave a good work out, honest. fling yourself in and you'll get the bug in no time. Really... i will have to get off my butt too. Ive been using uni as an excuse but im finished until october now so will have to do something! good luck xxx
I could have written your post! The past three weeks my weight has essentially stayed the same - and for no good reason. But I also worked out that, whilst still within points, I was eating more 'treat' carbs, biscuits/crisps/cake etc and figured that slowed things down. I've just done a spell of really reducing carbs and focusing on protein and free foods (salad mostly) and things look to be on the move again. Sometimes our bodies need a shake up to get metabolism going again. Keep going and I'm sure things will come good again - sometimes the scales forget to move ;)
Thanks for your replies - Calorie crusader and doingitforme, that's really good advice thank you! I'm off work this week and am doing lots of lovely days put but after a mcdonalds and a burger king although I'm within my points I do feel bloated and fat! I think that next week I will try a v.low carb week and see if that helps me.

Karen - good advice about the exercise. I think I can always find an excuse not to do any and I just need to throw myself into it as you said - I keep thinking I should sign up to a 5k run or something just to make me train for it. I just hugely detest exercise in all forms!

Thanks again ladies, I'll let you know how it goes! x

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